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Health-Care-UK Scam {June 2022} Get Complete Details!

This post on Health-Care-UK Scam will guide our readers about the recent scams happening in the UK and how you can be aware of them.

Have you heard about the recent scam news? The National Health Service of the United Kingdom has urged people to avoid hoax text messages claiming that they have been exposed to the omicron variant of covid, which has created a panic situation and people are getting scammed. This post on Health-Care-UK Scam will guide our readers about the recent ways fraudulent are used to scam people.

Kindly read this post to get a recent update on the scam news and ways to save yourself from getting scammed.

What exactly is this Scam?

People are receiving text messages on behalf of the NHS, and obviously, the NHS is unaware of it. These messages will tell you about Omicron exposure, which will undoubtedly panic you, and then they will ask you to click on a link to buy a test kit for 99 pence, and the link is a bigger scam than this. They can use it for future scams.

Health-Care-UK Scam

NHS does not sell testing kits for free, but the link of the message will take you to a similar-looking website like NHS, but it is not real. They can steal your data for more convincing scams in the future, and they charge only 99 pence for the testing kit, so people will definitely get into the trap as they already panic about the exposure from omicron but it is not only a money scam, it is more serious.

These scammers are very clever and have scammed many people till now, so everyone needs to be aware of such types of scams, and that’s why NHS is spreading awareness against Health-Care-UK Scam.

More details about this Scam

These websites will use your personal information, such as your date of birth, address, and phone number, to identify you as a victim of future fraud. Even with so much awareness, some people may panic after hearing about the omicron exposure and fill out their information, but let us assure you that you will not receive any covid test kit after paying and providing all of your information; you will open the door for scammers to do more frauds to you in the future.

NHS has advised people about Health-Care-UK Scam. And report against it, so it gets shut down as soon as possible, but scammers keep making new domains to scam people. We should be sceptical about such links.


To conclude this post, we have included comprehensive information regarding the Scam and how the NHS is raising awareness and working to end these scams as soon as possible. These scammers are constantly inventing new ways to defraud innocent people. Thus we must be aware of such schemes. Check this link  to know more about NHS.

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