Help No Kid Reviews (Jan) Check The Details

Help No Kid Reviews (Jan) Check The Details >> This article shares the details of the website that claims to be non-profitable to help poor kids.

Helping the ones in need is always a good virtue in life. Charity is a good deed that many of us like to take part in to help the poor and the ones in need. Today in this article of Help No Kid Reviews, we talk about this United States-based non-profit organization that focuses on providing meals to those in need. We shall learn more about the organization and its website and whether it is a trustworthy platform to engage in or not.

What is No Kid

No Kid is a nation-wide campaign run by Share Our Strength, a non-profit organization in the United States that is for every kid worldwide to eat healthy food every day. After twenty-five years of investing in local NPOs and striving to find the best approach to get rid of poverty and Starvation, Share Our Strength launched in 2010 that is “No Kid Hungry.” Help No Kid Reviews  states that it is a non-profit organization follows an ideology focusing on creating long-term and sustainable solutions to end childhood hunger. They provide help and support to run programs like “breakfast after the bell, post-school meals, and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program” to make meals accessible to children across the country. The firm engages in partnerships with corporate sector entities, digitalized advocates, celebrities, chefs, and restaurants. 

According to the organization, the U.S. isn’t running scarce on food, and there are tried and tested child nutrition-based programs that work. The problem is that both these aspects aren’t accessible to most kids across the country. By working on mid-day meals, after-school meals, and food-skill educations, the organization tries its best to make both ends meet.

How can we help?

According to Help No Kid Reviews  all it shall take to help is initiative. The organization’s website provides various means by which people worldwide can contribute to bringing the No Kid Hungry program one step closer to its ultimate goal. According to available statistics, even a ten-dollar donation can provide a kid with up to a hundred meals. The organization enables donors to get as creative with their contributions. Anything a donor is passionate about can be the source to contribute. The donors are also encouraged to share personal stories with others regarding what lead them to be inspired and donating to help the hungry. Let’s look into some options to contribute:

  • Fundraising
  • Donations
  • Volunteering
  • Tribute Gifts
  • Donating Stock
  • Cryptocurrency Donations
  • Donations by payroll deduction


  • Website:
  • For donor servicer- E-mail: or call: 1-800-222-1767 
  • Address: 1030 15th Street, NW Suite 1100 Washington, DC 20005
  • Fax: (202)-289-9003
  • Toll-free contact: (800)969-4767

Is No Kid a legit charitable platform?

It is a twenty-five-year-old non-profit organization affiliated with renowned brands, celebrities, chefs, and restaurants. According to Help No Kid Reviews, we can say that it is a legitimate platform. 

Final verdict:

If you want to contribute toward a more significant cause and inspire people to do so, No Kid is one of the most legit platforms for you to pursue this dream. With a wide range of options to choose from, contributing towards charity is available at just the click of a button. 

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