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Heppie Telescope Review {Jan 2021} Is This Safe Buy?

Heppie Telescope Review 2021.

Heppie Telescope Review {Jan 2021} Is This Safe Buy? >> Don’t fall into scam trap and read about a telescope that you might regret buying. Read for reality.

Humans have progressed so much, and that was possible because of all the inventions so far. Have you seen a telescope? Ever tried using one to gaze at stars and planets in the sky? In Heppie Telescope Review, we are going to reveal a lot about one. 

We all can watch a faraway object from a telescope, and that’s what a basic idea we have. Similarly, Heppie Telescope uses nano-etching technology and nano-optical materials to make the lens’s flatness error reach 10nm. 

People from countries like the United KingdomAustraliaGermanyUnited States learning more about this telescope. So, let’s move forward and see if it’s the right product or not. 

What is Heppie Telescope? 

Heppie Telescope is the first of its kind to achieve great magnification with clarity on a small scale. When we are talking about- Is Heppie Telescope Legit or not, we must consider every pros and con here.

It uses nano-etching technology, mesoporous assembly technology, thin-film mosaic technology, and nano-optical materials so that the lens can reach 10nm. 

The night vision feature allows you to view things or people at night properly. One needs to turn on autofocus and blur the background to focus on one person or object. 


  • It is a super-telephoto zoom monocular telescope of 0.66 pounds that uses nano-array technology, thin-film mosaic technology, mesoporous assembly technology, and nano-optical materials. 
  • It has 47 times more resolution angle than any other telescope with the same diameter. 
  • As per Heppie Telescope Review, the maximum magnification you can achieve with it is 300 times. 
  • The Prism is BAK-S1 type, and FMC is the objective lens coating. 
  • With this telescope, one can have 360ft/1000yds of field view. 
  • It is waterproof, dust-proof, and shock-proof, increasing its durability. 
  • It consists of a 20mm large eyepiece with HD blue film coating and a 40mm objective lens with FMC broadband green coating. 
  • The field of view of the telescope is extremely stable because of the anti-shake system and unique tripod 3D gyroscope. 
  • The outer shell of the Heppie telescope is made out of titanium alloy, which gives super strength.
  • It is 7.87 inches when retracted, making it easier to carry. 

Pros for Heppie Telescope Review

  • The telescope is made with nanotechnologies to ensure the reach of 10nm that enables to watch an object which is miles away. 
  • The Night vision feature allows you to have a normal night experience. 
  • It is easily portable when travelling or climbing. 
  • Along with it comes portable rope, dust cover, cleaning cloth, and storage bag. 


  • The significant drawback here is that people can use this telescope to invade someone’s privacy as it zooms in from a mile away. 
  • If you want to buy a tripod also, you need to pay more for the luxury package. 

Is the product legit or not? 

The question here is- Is Heppie Telescope Legit or a Scam. To answer this query, let’s look at some points closely. This product’s availability is unknown, but the website is two months old, which indicates the telescope’s launching. 

There are many benefits and technology used in it which can lure people into buying it. But we need to keep in mind that we could not find unbiased reviews on any authentic website, which is another negative point.

Apart from that, the description provided matches the same product on the Nozdy website, which shows a red flag as well. Therefore, people are advised to stay away from such possible scams. 

Heppie Telescope Review by Customers

Heppie Telescope is new in the market, but the website on their Twitter page put an ad where many people from the United KingdomAustraliaGermanyand United States are mocking it and calling it another scam.

They seemed irritated with another fake product and asking others not to fall into their trap. Except here, we couldn’t get more comments on any trusted portal. 

Final Verdict 

The final word on this telescope is that it looks like another scam which is existing to fool people and make money. Another website is already using the product description and photos for the same telescope. 

Also, the benefits they mentioned are too good to be true at such a lower price. Therefore, Is Heppie Telescope Legit or not can be concluded with the consideration that it looks like a fraud. Consumers must do thorough research before buying it. 

If you want to share something related to this product, then pen it down in the comment section. 

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  1. I should have it this week, it now arrived at the local post office depot, via Heathrow & Hong Kong and China. Can’t wait to see it; and let’s see if its too good to be true. It took 3 weeks for the tracking of the packet to be available online as seen below:
    2021-02-01 00:47South West DC / Item scanned on its journey.
    2021-01-31 10:14HEATHROW / Released from customs: customs cleared.
    2021-01-28 23:31Nancheng,Dongguan,China / Shipment arrived at facility and measured.

  2. Don’t buy anything from Heppie, its a scam. They sell rubbish at inflated prices and you can’t return it for a return

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