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High Side Electric Buckeye AZ (Feb) Check Details Here!

High Side Electric Buckeye AZ (Feb) Check Details Here! >> Do you want to know about the electric contract company that gives 24 hours emergency service? Then the article is for you.

High Side Electric Buckeye AZ: Hey! Readers, I hope you all doing well. Suppose you are here to know about the electric/ commercial, industrial service Provider Company High Side Electric then in that case, we must say that you are on the right place that gives you a handful of information.

Suppose you reside in the United States and are looking forward to getting this company’s service. We recommend reading the below crucial information and then going for it because our researched write-up is worth reading.

About High Side Electric LLC

High Side Electric Buckeye AZ is a bonded-licensed Electric contract company based in the United States. High-Speed Electric LLC provides its services in various Electric fields like switch wire and cable installation. Also, it specialized in solar and transformer work. 

It is founded in 2012 with over years of experience in the core field and is known for its emergency service 24 hours. Visit the official website of the company for more details.

As per the research, Ryan Bryson is the Manager, and Dan Keate is the company’s supervisor. You can contact the key person by visiting the official website or by contacting the number given below.

High Speed Electric Company Details

  • Company type: Electric service
  • Address: 12821 s 186th Ave, Buckeye 
  • State: Arizona
  • Zipcode: 85326-4514
  • Key person: RYAN BRYSON
  • Contact number: 602-329-7152
  • Year founded: the company is founded in the year 2012.

Services of High Side Electric Buckeye AZ

  • It is specialized in high and low voltage.
  • Both overhead and underground Switch Installation.
  • Underground and overhead switch Installation.
  • Installation of the pole.
  • Cable and wire Installation of both underground and overhead.
  • Specialized in transformer oil testing.
  • Thermal imaging.
  • Solar work.
  • Terminating and splicing piece.
  • The company also serves low, medium, and high voltage electric services.

Customer Reviews

Do you want to know what people are saying about the company?, then this section is for you. Based on our research, we didn’t find an appreciable review for High Side Electric Buckeye AZ.  the owner is a horrible person , no excellent service is provided, and you can opt for better electric service from somewhere else.

Another user response is like this “the service and business is very disgraceful, and recommends you to avoid the business.”

Final Verdict

We hope our guide is helpful to you to get details about the company. Let us wind up the article with few words. Get the complete information like the services they provide, contact person and contact name and the customer reviews in this article, and then go for its service. Customer reviews about the service and business is not great, and on their website, the message is appearing that page not found. So, we suggest you please research further. 

Do you have more information about High Side Electric Buckeye AZ? Then please share it with us in the comment section below.

0 thoughts on “High Side Electric Buckeye AZ (Feb) Check Details Here!

  1. The ‘key person’ was recently arrested for yelling at young children in a food line. He’s absolute human garbage.

    1. Why would I hire an electrician so stupid that he would yell obscenities at people in a food line with the ne of his business on the side of a truck?

  2. Just viewed video of “owner” cursing out father with son,in a food assistance line!Awful,just awful. May God forgive him.

  3. Company Information

    Company Name:
    12821 S 186th Ave
    Zip Code:
    Contact Person:
    Legal Structure:
    Year Established:
    Hispanic American
    Other Minority Owned
    Women-Owned Small Business
    Woman Owned

    The OWNERSHIP description is puzzling at minimal … care to clarify

  4. Owner is a fucking moron who harassed those without including telling a child his patents were losers because they are food insecure during a global pandemic which has ravished our country caused many to lose jobs etc. Hope his company fails and his friends abandon him. He us a horrible excuse for a human and should be shunned until he learns to interact with societym

  5. Wow, what a miserable POS. I bet you even call yourself a “Christian”. Hope you go out of business and you and your family end up in a food line. Rot in hell.

  6. They harass people who are unemployed by the pandemic trying to feed their families. Google their name, it’s all on video and its disgusting..

  7. Manager Ryan Branson is a low life scum bag who was caught on camera yelling obscenities at families waiting in line at a church food drive. He yelled at children about how pathetic their parents are. When questioned by police he stood by his actions. This piece of filth needs to be fired and you should not do any business with this company until they take out their trash.

  8. Just wanted to tell you what a fucking piece of shit you are for harassing those people in a food line. I hope your business suffers greatly, better yet, I hope you get covid and die. People like you don’t deserve to be in existence.

  9. Congratulations. You’re company is famous. Not for it’s workmanship, skill, or business ethics, but rather because an individual decided to verbally attack families with small children waiting in a food line. The internet is vast and the video of this attack is widespread. Also, sounds like the terms of your LLC( women owned/Hispanic minority) may need investigating. This should be forwarded to the proper auditing authorities.

  10. Why would I hire an electrician so stupid that he would yell obscenities at people in a food line with the ne of his business on the side of a truck?

  11. I will be seeing you in a food line REAL soon Ryan… You are about to be jobless, won’t be able to find work, you will know if you do not already the fatal mistake you have made… Your ignorance and lack of compassion will follow you FOREVER…

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