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High Side Electric Reviews 2021

High Side Electric Reviews (Feb) Check Information Here! >> Do you want to handover an industrial project to a contractor? Then, please read the article to know more about the company.

High Side Electric Reviews: Are you looking for an industrial cum commercial contractor to help you make the project a big success? You should then need to look at this article and explore such a website that proffers you with the same.

The United States companies are looking for such contractors, but it is vital to make sure that the company is up to mark and legitimate. That is why we are here with such a company that will offer all such services and explores it in detail to know whether the company is a reliable choice or not. 

An overview of High Side Electric

As per the High Side Electric Reviews, it is a company that is indulged in industrial and commercial contractors and handles all medium to large scale voltage projects with more than twenty years of experience. They are too reliable in this field and dedicated to proffer top-notch quality of work with full expertise. 

The key principals are Karimy Bryson and Ryan Bryson. It came into existence in 2012 as a limited liability company based in Arizona. 

Do you want to explore it more and find some more information about the company? Then, let us proceed further with the High Side Electric Reviews

Some Key Details of the company

  • The URL of the company is
  • The company holds a license and bonded ROC276955 (A17 ROC 276951-L11). 
  • The contact number of this company is (623) 329-7152. 
  • The address is 12821 S 186TH Ave Buckeye, AZ, 85326-4514, United States
  • It is a limited liability company. 
  • It has indulged in Power line and Telecommunications infrastructure contractors, Power line construction, heavy as well as Civil Engineering Construction. 
  • The domain has created eight years back, on 2012-03-02. 
  • The expiry of the domain is 2021-03-02. 

What Services does it provide? 

It provides a wide range of services, from installation to testing. Let us have a look at some highlighted services below that it offers: 

  • Pole Installation 
  • Installation of Overhead Wire & Underground Cable
  • Transformer Oil Testing
  • Switch Installation 
  • Transformer Installation 
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Terminating & Splicing

High Side Electric Reviews: Is It Legit? 

After reading all the reviews, we found that the company is working from such a long time. But it has some unfavourable testimonials available on the internet, so we prefer to examine and analyse the company first and then make a decision.  


After getting into the company’s information from top to bottom, we know that the company is working for the last eight years, since 2012. But it has some negative reviews available about the owner and the official platform is not working these days. Therefore, it seems not good enough because of the inadequate or bad responses.

Thus, we recommend exploring the company info first and then getting in touch with them to fulfil your contractual requirements. 

What do you think about this company? Please write down your perspective in the comment section below and let us know about High Side Electric Reviews.

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  1. Stay the hell away from this LUNATIC BIPOLAR SOB,

  2. I have never used their services, but I was very pleased to read on the news that Ryan Bryson, the despicable man who owns this company, has been arrested. If I ever had need of such a company, I would definitely not use this one.
    I suspect he will soon need a job; and since he thinks that everyone who is currently out of work is in that predicament because they are lazy, I trust he will soon find out just how hard it is for those people. Here’s hoping every food bank and church in the area now has his photo on location and will refuse to give him anything when he finds himself in need.

  3. I hope when you end up in the food line because of your actions and losing work you will think about what you did.
    Gonna be hard to find people who will use your business now!

  4. After reading the reviews on this company, I found that the owner was on the news shaming and cursing hungry people who were in line to receive food boxes. I needed my house rewired, but this contractor obviously has some anger issues. I wouldn’t feel comfortable with him around my family.

  5. Ryan Bryson is a deluded human being and completely devoid of compassion for his fellow human beings. Find somebody else to service your needs. Believe me

  6. Hope the owner loses business after his display at the food line. Cussing in front of children,being so condescending of people. Let him see what its like to do without. His behavior was disgusting!

  7. The owner is a giant dirtbag who harassed women and children at a church food drive. He was arrested and charged for disorderly conduct. No one should support his business.

  8. Ryan Bryson needs to be removed from your company. Maybe when he loses his job as many have during the pandemic, he will understand what it’s like to be hungry. To shout out slurs to people hit hard by this crisis is about the sickest thing I’ve seen. Is he going to drive to Texas next to make fun of them too?

  9. Is this company associated with the moron who yelled abuse at a church food bank?I
    He was driving a truck emblazoned with the company name.

  10. Read about this hateful guy demeaning people at a food bank. Never will do business with this company and plan to share with everyone I know.

  11. Do NOT do business with this company. Lack of moral compass and complete lack of compassion. Wait until the shoe is on the other foot

  12. The owner of this company needs to pay back the free money he received from the government after yelling at people who were standing in line to feed their families. Anyone who would except help from the government and then shame and yell obscenities at others, in front of children, does not deserve to receive free money from taxpayers. What a hypocrite. What a despicable human being. And he stands by what he says instead of apologizes? The worst kind of POS. No one should do business with a person like this.

  13. Hey RYAN – be sure to check in after you’re outta the slammer and tell us all how you liked imprisonment. Make any new “special” friends? 😉


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