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Homders Com Reviews (June) Is This Genuine Or Scam?

Homders Com Reviews (June) Is This Genuine Or Scam

Homders Com Reviews (June) Is This Genuine Or Scam? >> Read here to know more about the legitimacy of the website that sells clothing items.

We all have heard that we are what we wear, and to some extent, it is true. However, sometimes it is one’s dressing style that vouches for the person they are and helps make a quick impression upon people. 

And with summers approaching, people globally, especially in countries such as the United Kingdom and the United Statesare prepping to upgrade their existing wardrobe with current style. Hence, we give you much-needed Homders com Reviews. So, let us start to learn more.

About the Website 

Homders website claims to be the world’s leading online platform that supplies customers with a variety of clothing options. The website aims to put importance and attention on customers’ needs. 

They wish to create a customer-centered approach to shopping with their platform. Hence they have all-inclusive policies for shopping.

Some More Information 

According to the information on the website, some reasons to shop with them would be their affiliation with National Fulfillment Centers. They claim to have 100% security while ordering online and have the lowest price on products. 

But the question of Is Homders com Legit still needs to be answered. Due to this affiliation, the platform claims to provide its customers with the fastest service. They also have all their products stocked hence ready to be shipped asap. 

 Specifications of the Website

  • The online portal has various clothing products such as shirts, blouses, dresses, trousers etc. 
  •  The website URL is
  • The domain was created on 09/06/2021 and had an expiration of 09/06/2022. Hence, we can conclude that the domain has a short life expectancy.
  • The payment mode: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover etc. 
  • There are no Homders com Reviews because the platform is relatively new, except one negative comment.
  • The mail id given on the website is 
  • The contact number on the website is +447727437648. 
  • The physical address is provided on the website; however, the address fails to show an exact match, and the address is also not the return address. 
  • The website provides free shipping on the items. 

Pros of the Website

  • The product on the website has a variety. 
  • The products on the website are at a very low rate and had huge discounts. 
  • There is free shipping on the product. 

Cons of the Website

  • The information about the founder or owner of the website is hidden. 
  • The domain is very recent and is less than six months. 
  • The domain has tags such as dubious and suspicious attached to it.  
  • There is a lack of customer reviews. 

Is Homders com Legit

We, through this review, gathered information that we believe readers should consider before trusting the website’s genuineness or legitimacy. Points, as mentioned earlier, are: 

  • The domain age of the website is very recent and is just 19 Days.
  • The trust score of the website is low, 1%. 
  • The website has a trust rank of 1.6 out of 100. With this, the website shows tags such as dubious, very new and suspicious.  
  • The written content of the website shows plagiarism.
  • The website has no popularity, and from our research for Homders com Reviews, we found that this could be attributed to a lack of social media presence.

Based on the presented pieces of evidence, the website doesn’t look genuine.

Users’ Reviews  

The website is a very recent domain (merely 19 days till it started) has claims to be the world’s leading online shopping platform. However, there is no proof to prove this claim as there are not many reviews to be found. 

The official website also doesn’t host any comments by the customers who may have shopped with the platform. But, when we dig deeper, we have found only one negative comment about the website under one evaluation. 

Read here, if you want to know more about possible ways of getting out of a Credit card scam. Let us conclude the Homders com Reviews in the below section. 


After scanning through the information on the website, we believe that the website is not trustworthy. The website information such as recent domain age, trust score, and most importantly, no reviews, except one negative review, make one suspect its authenticity and claim. 

Hence, we would kindly ask the readers to wait for the time being before shopping from the website. Otherwise, shop from a website that you have experience with. Know here about the ways to protect yourself from PayPal scams. 

Have you ever been scammed by a website similar to Homders com Reviews? Please share your experience in the comment section below. Also, read here about the importance of a trustworthy website. .

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