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Home Depot Winner Text Scam (Sep 2022) Stay Alert & Avoid!

The guide shares details about the Home Depot Winner Text Scam to alert all shoppers about it.  

The leading and reputed home improvement and DIY store, The Home Depot, invites all its valuable customers to share their shopping experiences to win lucrative prizes and gift cards worth $5000. The online survey aims to identify the satisfaction level via views and opinions, based on which the products and services can be enhanced for future customers. 

Taking advantage of this online survey, scammers are launching a new scam to trick the people in the United States. Scammers are doing Home Depot Winner Text Scam and claiming to offer them a credit of $100.      

What is the Home Depot Text Scam?

The Home Depot is the leading home improvement store in the United States, and they have launched online survey sweepstakes to identify the level of customer satisfaction. The survey aims to understand the shopping experiences through opinions and views.

The survey sweepstake starts from Jan 2021 and ends in Dec 2021. The winner will be announced, and they will receive a gift card worth $5000. But, scammers are taking advantage of this survey sweepstake and sending scam texts to people, asking them to click on a suspicious link to claim their reward of $100.

Is Home Depot Winner Text Scam or Legit?

After evaluating online, we found that Home Depot Opinion Survey Sweepstake is 100% legit as the store conducts such survey and choose a winner to reward them $5000 worth of gift cards. But, the winner text message sent to the shoppers is a scam and not legit. 

  • The Home Depot has started the survey sweepstake back in January, and it ends by Dec 2021.
  • The store never chooses winners by month. The lucky draw is scheduled for 8th Feb 2022, where two lucky winners will be selected and rewarded.
  • The store will approach the lucky winners via email or phone within five days after the lucky draw. 
  • The Home Depot Winner Text Scam comprises a suspicious link that redirects the user to another site not linked to the Home Depot.    

Based on all these facts and findings, we confirm that the Home Depot Winner Text is a scam and must be avoided.

What Do People Have to Say?

After researching virtually, we found that scammers are targeting many shoppers of Home Depot. Many people have reported that they have got the scam text on their mobile from different numbers. 

Some people said that the Home Depot Winner Text Scam is claiming to offer them a weekend getaway prize on their PC. Some said that they got the message to claim the gift card worth $5000.  

They are urging others not to believe such text messages as they are from scammers and may inject viruses, malware, or hack the information from your device. So, they are asking people to avoid those scam messages. 

The Concluding Remarks

The Home Depot is the favorite home improvement store dealing in different DIY products and tools. However, the store often conducts surveys to understand the shopping experiences. So, a survey sweepstake started in Jan and is about to end by December 2021.

Now, scammers benefit from such sweepstakes and do Home Depot Winner Text Scam with the shoppers to trick them and redirect them to phishing websites. Online users need to learn the tips on How to Protect Themselves from Online Scams.

Have you got the same scam text message? Then, please share how you reported it in the comments section.

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