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Homedepoten Reviews (Jan 2021) Find Legitimacy!

Homedepoten Reviews (Jan 2021) Find Legitimacy! >> Learn about the legitimacy of an online furniture store that sells varied pieces of furniture and décor items.

Are you looking for well-designed pieces of furniture to decorate your interior space? Then continue reading. 

We came across Homedepoten Reviews from curious online shoppers. Many buyers are inquiring online to find out if this online furniture store is trustworthy and reliable. In today’s post, we share all the relevant details to help our readers form a clear opinion about the site. 

In countries like the United States, there are many online furniture stores offering great products at reasonable prices. Find out if this site is one of them.  

What is Homedepoten.com? 

The website shares that the company was founded in 2016. As per the information available on the site, the company’s mission is to offer a customer-oriented shopping experience. The webshop offers a wide variety of furniture categories like Home Office, TV stands, bar stools, doorway furniture and wardrobe, space heaters, bedroom, garden flowers and decoration, and other patio. There are no Homedepoten Reviews available on the site. 

The site shares plenty of information about the products listed. From wooden bookcases to wood dressers featuring mid-century design, there are plenty of options worth checking out. The site shares it’s shipping and returns policy. It informs customers that currently, it only delivers products domestically. 

Specifications of Homedepoten.com

  • Website type – An online furniture store 
  • Company address – 1000 Hollywood Avenue, Clearwater, Florida, 33759, United States 
  • Company email ID – out outlook dot com 
  • Company contact number 
  • Shipping duration – Within 72 hours 
  • Delivery time – 10 to 22 days
  • Shipping fee – Free shipping on orders that cost more than CAD50, shipping fee of CAD20 is charged on orders that cost less than CAD50
  • Return – within 30 days of receiving the order
  • Mode of payment – PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Amex
  • Age of web domain age – 20 days 
  • Order cancellation – Send an email to the customer care team within 12 to 24 hours. 

Pros of shopping from Homedepoten.com: 

  • The online furniture store offers a variety of products. 
  • The pieces of furniture feature a good design. 
  • The site shares the contact information of the company. 
  • The e-store allows buyers to return items within 30 days of delivery. 

Cons of shopping from Homedepoten.com: 

  • There are no positive Homedepoten Reviews available online. 
  • The webshop does not refund return shipping cost 
  • The e-store does not deliver outside of the US. 
  • The online furniture store is very new in the ecommerce market. 

Is Homedepoten.com legit or a scam? 

The website employs an HTTPS connection. It shares company-specific information along with contact details. The products on the site are well described and arranged. The site lists details about its policies.  

However, there are certain issues with the website that makes us suspicious of its legitimacy. The website’s domain was registered on the 19th of November 2020. The online furniture store is not listed on social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

Also, there are plenty of negative Homedepoten Reviews posted on multiple forums. Based on all these facts and findings, we can say that the site does not appear to be trustworthy and, therefore, unsafe for shopping. 

What are customers saying about Homedepoten.com

The web shop does not share any customer reviews, so we checked other forums and social media websites to get a clear idea. On social media sites like Facebook, we found a handful of negative reviews shared by buyers. 

Most of the customers share that the site is a scam and warned other buyers not to fall prey. The presence of negative Homedepoten Reviews and the lack of positive ones is a cause of concern. It makes us suspicious of the e-store.  

Final verdict 

The online furniture store is newly welcomed in the online space. Though the web shop lays out company-specific info and possesses an SSL certificate, we came across many red flags. 

The domain age is just 20 days old. The company is yet to have any social media presence. Also, most of the reviews available online do not paint a great picture for the site. 

Based on our research, we can conclude that the online furniture shop is not legit and therefore not safe for online shopping. The presence of negative Homedepoten Reviews and the newness of the site makes us reach this conclusion. If you have used this website to buy pieces of furniture, then do let us know in the comment section. 

0 thoughts on “Homedepoten Reviews (Jan 2021) Find Legitimacy!

  1. Just made a purchase order last evening, felt it was a little shady because my Paypal went to a name and number gmail address as if I was buying directly from an individual on eBay or something. Did my homework too late because there is not any positive information about this site. I emailed the company on their Outlook email address-another Red Flag- The positive is the invoice email I received looks very legit and they did email me back with my concern of there legitimacy, assuring me that they are a legit online business. (What else are they going to say legit or not) I did use PayPal so my information and financial interests are protected. I guess we will see what happens. Spent $66.82 on a Husky Tool Kit. Great Deal if I actually receive it.

    1. I just ordered the same set of husky tools 1025 pieces for 66 bucks free shipping. I’m a little concerned that its a scam but im going to give the benefit of the doubt and see if I receive my items. I will get back with you guys if everything comes out well.

    2. I’m curious to know if you actually received hat set. My son set it to me wanting it and I just google the set itself and the set at Home Depot and Lowe’s cost $1,699.00 so I figured it was a scam for sure.

  2. I will follow up with the outcome. If they are a legit business I feel bad for all the negativity they have already received. Although-Evidence points to the fact that it is most likely a Scam Website. Ugh! Buyer Beware! I should soon find out.

    1. So far, I have received a tracking # from the China Post to the USPS and another assuring email that they are a legit online business. I am really hoping for a positive outcome here. If it ends up being a scam they sure did it well with the follow-up emails and tracking. We will see if I the item ends up in my hands. -to be continued-

  3. So glad we read your review before purchasing from this site. I think you just saved us a lot of money and headaches. Thank you!

    1. Have you received anything yet? My husband just purchased the same tool set but I told him not to because it just doesn’t seem right.

  4. Ordered a husky tool kit for 66.82 mo ey came out and im not getting any information from company as to shipping information they wont respo d to emails gonna wait 2 days before getting authorities involved hopefully doesnt come to that

  5. I haven’t ordered yet but a quick search on Google Maps takes you to a small home!!! You would expect a warehouse or something. But the Husky mechanics tool set, 60 some odd dollars?? Retails for 1200.00+ at Home Depot. 8f its too good to be true, it probably is.

  6. I bought the tool set about 24 hours ago such a good deal I jumped on it I will keep u posted in days to come. Won’t happen twice if its a scam what is the world coming too cant trust much these days.

  7. Purchased the spoken of tool set back in Dec. Used the tracking this AM and it said the item was delivered to my mailbox. I stay in an apt complex so no way all the tools will fit in any mailbox. Requested a refund and no response. Total scam. Now i have to figure out how to get this money back

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