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Homesportstore com Review [Jan] Is it Legit Website?

Homesportstore com Review 2021

Homesportstore com Review [Jan] Is it Legit Website? -> This article has been written to assess the legitimacy of the Website.

Homesportstore com Review is bringing to your notice that millions of websites are being floated amongst billions of populations due to the popularity of social media and digital marketing techniques. Hence website authenticity needs to be watched before placing an order for the products being supplied by it. 

There are many criteria based on which website authenticity is watched. While reading, you will soon see all the requirements one by one. Never pay money using a credit or debit card until and unless the Website and the genuineness of its products is guaranteed.

West has progressed at a breakneck pace on the social media marketing approach. Hence the website number is also becoming very high in the United States. In this review, you will find the answer to the question Is Homesportstore com Legit?

What is Homesportstorecom

The Website is selling mixed categories of items via the online method. Is the website giving a guarantee of the quality of the products being supplied by it? The company has categorized its products into four categories; (1) Latest (2) Top Rated (3) Featured (4) Best Selling. Latest category: Have products like Cameras and cases for different types of phones. 

Top rated products: includes dumbbells, voice-controlled remote controls, etc. Featured products- include office furniture of different categories and Latest products include freestanding gas, sun-bright TV, etc. Homesportstore com Review reveals the following important facts;

On the home, page prices are mentioned for items that are not listed in the shop menu of the website. 

Specifications of Homesportstore com

  • Type: Online shop for the low value of mixed categories of items.
  • Products: Free running Gas, Sun bright TV, Camera and Mobile cases office furniture, etc. wherein prices are mentioned. In the Shop menu, different products are listed.
  • Name of the Company: Home
  • Address of the company: 298 Fletcher Pkwy, El Cajon, CA 92020, United States
  • Product delivery time; 3 to 5 business days
  • Shipping information: free delivery. 
  • Return Policy: 30 days
  • Refund; 100% refundable
  • Payment Modes: Credit/Debit cards, pay pal, etc.,
  • Website ID:
  • Telephone Number: 619 401 6610
  • Contact Email ID: support@ehomesport

As per Homesportstore com Review Company website meets the specification norms of the website.

Pros of buying products from

  • It is supplying varied items from the same source
  • There is a provision for customer reviews via social media.
  • phone number, email address, the contact address is available 
  • Content of the Website fulfills requirements of the Website.
  • Refund/ Return provision is available
  • The domain name is with professional extensions like .com
  • The Name of the company is mentioned

Cons of buying products from

.• Shop is listing different products and prices are given for different categories of products.

  • Products listed in the shop are not accessible through the website.
  • Privacy about the company is missing.
  • Because customer testimonials are not mentioned hence customer reviews are not available.
  • Contact information of the website designer is not available.
  • Relevant outside link is not given to assure its purpose.
  • It is not mentioned whether products are being manufactured in the USA or in another country.

Homesportstore com Review brings to your notice that, Specifically, a list of the products with prices is different than the name of the products given in the shop. Photos of all the products listed in the shop are also not accessible.

Is website Legit or Scam

While going through the pros and cons, it is clear that the Website is partly fulfilling the requirement of all the above parameters and has omitted important points. (1) Name of the designer of the Website is not available. (2) Provision of the testimony of customers has also not been made on the Website. (3)The list of the products is not clear hence website objective is also not clear.(4)About page is very clearly made but the Delivery and Return/Refund pages are very vague. 

The website has been designed in 2021 only.Is Homesportstore com Legit?The ultimate answer to the question is Homesportstore com is not legit. 

What are the customers saying about the legitimacy of

The customer review is not available on the Website. As per the different website reviews report, it is recently launched Website hence customer opinion are not available.

Final Verdict

Website has been launched in the United States.

Keeping in view many drawbacks of the website it can be stated that the objective is not clear. 

It does not fulfill all the requirements for the legitimacy of the Website; hence it cannot be called legit. Homesportstore com Review treats this site as a scam.

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