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House Passes 3.5 Trillion {Aug} Check Bill Updates!

This article will see the latest news on the U.S. House Passes 3.5 Trillion Dollars Budget and what is in this bill.

Do you know the two biggest bills in the history of the United States? Firstly, the Infrastructure Bill worth 1 trillion dollars that have been voted to pass in the Senate, and another bill is 3.5 trillion dollars budget bill- it is not clear it has votes to pass. Despite opposition from tthe Republican Party, House Passes 3.5 Trillion dollars budget blueprint that would help in the expansion of social safety and climate change. Let us look further to know more about this budget bill.

What is it all about?

Democrats lead U.S. Senate passed an infrastructure bill of 1 trillion dollars on Tuesday 10 August and started the debate on Joe Biden’s spending blueprint of 3.5 trillion dollars. On Tuesday, 24 August, the vote was 220-212, the first move for president and party to fight against climate change, high taxes, and much more. The narrow outcome signaled the power of few voices have to alter the debate and challenges ahead, still advancing to upend the president’s agenda. The House Passes 3.5 Trillion dollars was the biggest milestone as Republican members oppose it. The approval appears to safeguard subsequent legislation that enacts certain spending and tax changes.

Pelosi planned the two bills should be tied together:

There was huge drama before passing this bill. Moderate democrats want to move forward with infrastructure bill passes in the Senate because they think it would be a big win. At the same time, the progressive democrats and speaker said that we want to wait until the vote on a budget framework to move forward on the infrastructure proposal. 

The deal that Pelosi struck today between moderate democrats and progressive democrats was to do this vote now.  House Passes 3.5 Trillion as ten democrats pull on moderates who said we would not support unless you guarantee infrastructure bill will pass. Now she agreed to give moderate democrats a guarantee that they would vote on an infrastructure bill by the end of September and move at a 3.5 trillion dollars reconciliation process.

After nearly two days of frantic negotiations with lawmakers, Ms. Pelosi announced on the House floor, “Today is a magnificent day of pride for our country and for Democrats.” “We are not only constructing America’s physical infrastructure; we are also constructing America’s human infrastructure.

What is in the House Passes 3.5 Trillion dollars spending plan?

It will lower the costs for Americans, cut the taxes for families, creates millions of job opportunities, and tackling the climate crisis. In addition, it is expected to include a plan for child care for working families, expansion of paid family and medical leave, a program to reduce carbon emissions, universal pre-kindergarten education for 3-4 years old child, tuition-free community colleges, and child tax credit. 

According to Schumer, this will bring a generational transformation to how our economy works for the average American.


The next month will be intense as the House Passes 3.5 Trillion dollars, but the major action will go in the next months. For example, they have to pass government funding, raise the debt ceiling and pass infrastructure Bills. It will be interesting to see how it will impact the country’s economy, Business, and individuals. Know more on budget bill  

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