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This article gives you information about the death of Dalton Cramer and information about  How Did Daniel Die Reservation Dogs.

Willie and her father, Leon, are still in deep grief about the loss of Daniel. Wallie said that the loss of Daniel is still haunting their family as Ghost. Willie remembers Daniel smiling and standing in front of her. Do you know about Daniel as a young man? What is the reason for his death? What had happened to Daniel?

Let us look at all the series of events to know How Did Daniel Die Reservation Dogs and information about Dalton Cramer from Oklahoma City in the United States.

Who was Daniel?

Daniel was a guest on the Reservation Dog series. His original name is Dalton Cramer. Bear, Elora Danan, Cheese, and Willie Jack were friends of Daniel. Willie Jack is also a cousin of Daniel. Daniel died a year before the Reservation Dog show started.

What is the Reservation of dogs?

Reservation of dogs, unlike the name sounds, is a comedy series by FX Production. The noticeable feature of the series is that it features indigenous cast team members and indigenous production teams. The series was initially telecasted on FX HULU on 9th August 2021. 

How Did Daniel Die Reservation Dogs:

There are two important events before Daniel’s death in his life:

  1. The memories of his death flashed as when Bear, one of the cast members of Reservation Dogs, fainted and conferred with an indigenous spirit in the first episode of Reservation Dog. The whole series was shot in Oklahoma City. The second season started in September 2021.
  2. Leon remembers the night before Daniel was dead. Leon said that Daniel was with Elora. Elora was Daniel’s friend. Daniel drove back with Elora that night. Let’s look at more details of How Did Daniel Die Reservation Dogs. Daniel stopped to check with Leon if he needs any help to load up the truck. Elora had left Oklahoma after Daniel’s death.
  3. While Daniel was coming to Leon, he appeared from the darkness of night. Leon remembers seeing red eyes and thought something unknown is approaching him. But that night, Daniel was walking in awkward style. Leon still remembers the red eyes Daniel. At the end of the Reservation Dogs episode, while Willie and Leon walked out with their prizes. Let us look further at how this memory contributes to How Did Daniel Die Reservation Dogs. We find a tall man with red eyes staring from the forest! Willie imagines Daniel is there in the woods screaming at the deer.


The exact cause of Daniel’s death is unclear. It is doubtful if Elora had something to do with Daniel’s death. It is also unclear if Daniel’s death was an accident as Bear was conferred with a spirit, and later Leon saw the red-eyed man in the woods that reminded him of Daniel’s visit. The family blames Daniel’s death on the town.

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