How Did Momiji Break His Curse {May} Let’s Read It!

How Did Momiji Break His Curse {May} Let's Read It!

How Did Momiji Break His Curse {May} Let’s Read It!>> Have a glimpse of Fruits Basket Series information here.

Do you love watching animated series named fruits basket? Well, you have heard the name of Momiji, which is one of the most recurring characters in this series.

So, viewers may have questions How Did Momiji Break His Curse. So in this particular blog, you will be given a clear picture of the Momiji breaking his curse. The character Momiji is half half-German and half Japanese from both father and mother’s side. Many Of the United States fruit basket series viewers be looking for the information!

So, have a more transparent idea of Momiji characters and the story overview. Just read out complete blogs to have explicit knowledge.

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Who Is Momiji Sohma?

  •  Momiji Sohma is the recurring character of one series named Fruits basket. He is a mixture of both Japanese and German as his father was Japanese and his mother was German.
  •  It’s generally asked about How Did Momiji Break His Curse. 
  • The Momiji, according to the Chinese Zodiac, is the Rabbit. He is signified as a cheerful, childlike, and cute boy. 
  • Despite his childlike and cheerful behavior, he hides away all his pains from the sad family. So every time, he hides away all the suffering behind his smile.
  • He is a lonely child and lives alone in Sohma’s house as his mom had left him entirely when she first held him.
  •  It’s said that his mom regrets Giving birth to Momiji. And due to this reason, Momiji sister momo doesn’t know about his brother’s existence 

How Did Momiji Break His Curse?

Momiji Curse is the Rabbit as per the Chinese Zodiac sign. Whenever Momiji goes under some tension or stress, and if any opposite gender hugs him, he gets transformed into the Rabbit.

Like every cursed Sohma, the respective animals of the Chinese Zodiac sign is drawn to Sohma, and in the case of Momiji, its a Rabbit.

It’s stated that the Momiji Curse gets broken in the end, and he was unaware of it. When he got confirmation that his curse had failed, his tears broke down, and he promised to live happily ever after that.

More Information About Momiji:

As we already read How Did Momiji Break His Curse, let’s read more about him!

At the starting of the series, the Momiji was a tiny and short boy who was looked at as an acute and cheerful character of the fruit basket series.

He carries blonde wavy hair in short, goldish eyes, all inherited from his mom. He initially has the outfit of feminine pattern, cute and frill accessories.

He also used to wear girls’ uniforms in school with shorts as lower. He also used to paint his nails and wear earrings.

For more description about Momiji, characters check out here:


Momiji appears to be the main protagonist of the series Fruit Basket. Being an adorable and cheerful child, he is the most liked character. At last, Momiji Curse breaks down. How Did Momiji Break His Curse is already stated above.

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