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The post talks about How Did Rosa Bonheur Die and elaborates on her life and crucial aspects.

Did you just view the Google doodle and wonder what it is exactly? Citizens across five countries, including India and the United States, woke up to a new doodle on Google. The doodle featured a distinctive work of a woman sitting with an animal.

However, not many know why the doddle was featured on Google. Well, Google is known for changing the honor of distinctive personalities. On 16 March 2022, Wednesday, Google celebrated the birth anniversary of Rosa Bonheur.

In this article, we will highlight about How Did Rosa Bonheur Die and who she was.

An Overview of Rosa Bonheur

Before we go ahead with explaining the cause of Bonheur’s death, let us sneak peek into who was Rosa? To begin with, Rosa was born in the town of Bordeaux in France. It was her birth anniversary on 16 March 2022, Wednesday, wherein Google honored her with loading a doodle.

As per research, Bonheur was an artist who was deeply attached to animals. However, as per one of the reports, she died at the age of 77 due to pulmonary influenza. Though, we have not found any claims anywhere for the cause of her death. In the coming sections, we will be elaborating on How Did Rosa Bonheur Die and more details about her life.

More Information About Rosa Bonheur

  • Rosa Bonheur is a French painter who rose to prominence in the 1840s
  • Her works were also exhibited at one of the most renowned Paris Salon from 1841 to 1853.
  • Besides, she was an artist and sculptor inclined towards animals, and all her paintings included animals.
  • Moreover, as per sources, her work of Plowing in Nivernais in the 1849 exhibition established Bonheur as a professional artist.
  • In addition, the painting is now housed at Musee Nationale du Chateau de Fontainebleau of France.

How Did Rosa Bonheur Die – Elaborating More

As per sources, Bonheur received international acclaim for her work The Horse Fair, which is presently housed at the New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. Besides, it also toured across other countries like the United States and Great Britain and getting disseminated in the form of a print at the National Gallery in the UK.

Furthermore, she was renowned as one of the nineteenth century’s greatest animal painters and women artists. As per sources and one of the reports, on How Did Rosa Bonheur Die, she succumbed to Pulmonary Influenza at the age of 77.  But, we have not found any other claim for the cause of her death.

Final Conclusion

The artist deeply inclined towards animals was also one of the first women artists. She continues to remain immortal with her works that have earned international acclaim. Besides, her birthday was also honored by the Tech giant Google, who published a doodle to celebrate her 200th birthday.

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