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If you want to know about pre-pupa infection in Dogs, read this article about How Do Dogs Get Botflies until the end.  

The areas where there is a warm temperature will have flies actively living. Whereas in other parts of the United StatesCanada, and especially in Colorado at Castle Rock, the flies are more active during the end of the Summer season and throughout the Autumn season. Currently, we are heading towards the end of Summer on 22nd September, and the Autumn will last till 20th December. 

So, let us know more about How Do Dogs Get Botflies.

What is a Bot fly?

Cuterebra flies are found in America. There are broadly six stages of the life cycle of the Bot fly:

  1. It lays its eggs on horses, nests (or) on the blades of the grass. 
  2. Within the first 23 hours, the egg develops into 1st stage of the larva. 
  3. In the next 27 hours, it becomes more prominent and reaches the 2nd stage of the larva. 
  4. After another 22 hours, it develops itself and gets to the 3rd and final stage of the larva. 
  5. It feeds itself on blood to become a pupa. 
  6. Finally, after 143 hours, it becomes a fly. 

How Do Dogs Get Botflies:

Dogs specifically get infected with pre-pupa while they move in the grass, stimulating the pre-pupa to crawl onto them. The 1st stage of the larva is also known as pre-pupa. Once it hatches out of the egg, it needs blood and a body to perry. Often, horses, cats, rodents, rabbits and dogs who walk through such grass get infected by pre-pupa. 

Once it drops on the body, pre-pupa makes its way into the skin and tissues and starts living in a small part of the skin. The pre-pupa is tiny during the 1st stage of the larva. Inside the body of pets How Do Dogs Get Botflies? It develops till the 3rd stage of the larva. At this point, the pre-pupa is approximately 1 inch long. After the third stage, it tries to fall out of the body it falls on the soil to develop into a Pupa and finally into a Bot-fly.


The Following are the common symptoms found in dogs once they are infected.

  • Respiratory symptoms:
  1. Fever
  2. Cough
  3. Shortness of breath
  1. Neurological symptoms:
  1. Circling
  2. Dizziness
  3. Blindness
  4. Paralysis
  5. Lying down
  1. Ophthalmic symptoms:
  2. Lesions in the eyeball
  3. Skin symptoms:
  4. Lump in the skin with a tiny opening so that pre-pupa can breathe
  5. Excessive itching and licking lumpy skin

Diagnosis for How Do Dogs Get Botflies:

A lump on skin with a tiny opening will be a clear indication of Bot-flies infection. However, all symptoms need to be evaluated by a veterinarian to confirm the Bot-flies infection.


Tick treatments, flea development control products, monthly heart-worm preventives will effectively prevent pre-pupa infection.


The veterinarian will be able to remove pre-pupa safely in most cases. But, in case of lung infection, anti-inflammatory medications are used. In case of irreversible neurological damage, the dogs will be less active. In the early stages, anti-parasite medicine will be more effective. It will help if pets are kept indoors.

Did you know about preventive measures

of How Do Dogs Get Botflies ? Let us know what precautions will you take.

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