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How Long Can Electric Lamp {May} Find The Answer Here!

This news article reveal the answer to How Long Can Electric Lamp glows if combined with deuterium with Nuclear Fusion.

Have you ever thought about the time it takes for an electric lamp to burn if provided with sufficient energy? Today we will discuss the most discussed topic nowadays on the internet, the time an electric lamp can burn by fusion of deuterium. The question has made individuals, especially the Physics enthusiasts of the United Arab Emirates and India, go crazy. They have been trying to solve the question ever since it was revealed. This article will tell you the answer to How Long Can Electric Lamp light.

What is the news?

The news gained attraction from people after a question that was revealed about the time an electric lamp of 100W could glow if it were infused with 2 kg of deuterium. Taking the nuclear fusion theory, people started solving the question, and they wonderfully reached the correct answer. The electric lamp can glow up to 4.9*10^4 years, as per the equation. The answer seemed to be interesting, and those who are interested in solving these kinds of questions can visit the internet and find out the source of this question.

Essential points about How Long Can an Electric Lamp of 100W

We all know about nuclear fission and nuclear fusion reaction in Physics. The equation to find out the time till when an electric lamp can glow is very interesting. One can know all the answers relating to time travel and light-years through these equations and formulas. The theory is interesting, and the in-depth knowledge of these theories can only help us find out the answer to this particular question about an electric lamp that takes time to glow if supplied with 100 W energy with 2 kg of deuterium.

A detailed discussion of How Long Can Electric Lamp light

If you want to know about the complete process of the answer, look at the solution below. 

Considering the power given for a particular electric lamp, is 100 W, The deuterium of two nuclei fuse, the energy released are 3.2MeV. The total of Deuterium atoms is 6.023*1026. If the total amount of energy that is released by fusing 6.03*10^26 deuterium. Suppose if the lamp lights for the time (t), then the electric energy used up by the lamp is 100t, and on solving the equation to the question How Long Can an Electric Lamp of 100W, we get the correct answer to the question that is 4.9*10^4 years. The question is very interesting for the users, and so is the answer. Stay tuned to this article for more updates.

If you want a detailed answer with proper equations and formulas to reach the correct answer, we suggest you read here

Final End

Physics is a very interesting subject, and the ones involved in finding out the correct answer to any question related to the subject will surely try to find out the correct answer to the question. Did you find the answer to How Long Can Electric Lamp? Did you find the answer to the question interesting? Kindly let us know in the comment section below.

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