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With Friday’s matches, the predictions about the perfect brackets became narrowed down. Check How Many Brackets Are Still Perfect?

Brackets predicted in the United States and Canada, pointing towards March madness. Brackets are a diagram referring to teams that have won the basketball match and advanced into the next round. 

The brackets diagram is also referred to as a tree diagram as it looks similar to the formation of branches of the tree. Generally, the match between two basketball teams will be a single-elimination tournament. Let us check How Many Brackets Are Still Perfect.

About the remaining Brackets:

On Thursday, there were 59 perfect brackets left with Yahoo and 743 with ESPN. There were two perfect brackets before the game started on Friday and Bekins24 emerged as the last perfect bracket. Experts believe that there are one in 120.2 billion chances to predict the perfect brackets. 

NCAA Bracket Challenge Game concluded this data based on 17 million brackets predicted on ESPN, Yahoo and CBS. Hence, there are ZERO PERFECT BRACKETS REMAINING currently with Yahoo, ESPN, CBS and NCAA with below teams determining How Many Perfect Brackets Are There Still:

Second round on 19th March:

  • No.8 North Carolina vs No.1 Baylor vs 
  • No.9 Creighton vs No.1 Kansas
  • No.11 Michigan vs No.3 Tennessee
  • No.12 Richmond vs No.4 Providence
  • No.5 Saint Mary’s vs No.4 UCLA
  • No.15 Saint Peter’s vs No.7 Murray State
  • No.12 New Mexico State vs No.4 Arkansas
  • No.9 Memphis vs No.1 Gonzaga

Second round on 20th March:

  • No.5 Houston vs No.4 Illinois
  • No.7 Ohio State vs No.2 Villanova
  • No.7 Michigan State vs No.2 Duke
  • No.11 Iowa State vs No.3 Wisconsin
  • No.11 Notre Dame vs No.3 Texas Tech
  • No.10 Miami (Fla.) vs No.2 Auburn
  • No.6 Texas vs No.3 Purdue
  • No.9 TCU vs No.1 Arizona

Elite Eight and Sweet 16 narrowing options on How Many Perfect Brackets Are Left 2022:

  • Four Elite Eight / Sweet 16 matches and then 
  • The Final Four!

In March Madness, teams will perform in pool play to get seeded in the brackets. The winning team advances to the next round and is said to be in brackets, with the winning team coming from different brackets. Such team advancements make them move towards the right side in the tree diagram. The brackets are represented as ].

The top seed will play the worst seeded team, and the second top seed will play with the second-worst team. This format to ascertain How Many Brackets Are Still Perfect will continue until all pools complete playing their first-round gives rise to a wide variety of matches till the quarterfinals. 

There will be four teams that will qualify for the semifinals, and only two semifinals winners will compete in the finals.


For the March Madness brackets, one point is allotted in 1st round, Two points are allotted in 2nd round, Four points in the 3rd round, Eight in the 4th round, Sixteen in the 5th round, and Thirty-Two in the final round. Brackets look like rectangles cut in half, with both ends representing two teams.

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