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The guide shares details on How Much Snow Did Mississauga Get to update the residents.

After the huge snowstorm in the area, a wide range of services and streets across Mississauga have been affected. The authorities and officials with Environment Canada are urging the residents to stay at home and avoid traveling until necessary.     

The officials have issued advisors on Twitter and confirmed that strong winds, heavy snowfall, and zero visibility have made traveling conditions miserable on Monday. The snowfall measured between 40 and 60 CM, and it is expected to increase in Mississauga and the nearby areas. 

The residents are wondering and want to know How Much Snow Did Mississauga Get

What is the Weather Condition of Mississauga?

According to Environment Canada, January, like December, is another month of subzero cold winter with average temperatures varying from minus 6.1 degrees Celsius to minus 1.4 degrees Celsius. 

A report has been created where they have mentioned that January 2022 is likely to be the coldest month with an average high temperature of minus 1.4 degrees Celsius with an average low temperature of -6.1 degrees Celsius.

The weather is likely to improve from February as it is the last month of winter. However, the beginning may also have subzero cold winter. 

How Much Snow Did Mississauga Get – Let Us See!

The winter storm warning advisory for the residents has been converted into a blizzard warning on 17th Jan Monday. According to the latest warning, the city will likely experience gusty winds with visibility near zero because of the blowing snowfall that the city will register.

The reports have confirmed that the city will experience a snowfall between 30 CM and 50 CM, and it is expected to fall throughout the day. During the peak hours, the snowfall rate may increase up to 10 CM per hour, and it is during the early morning. 

So, How Much Snow Did Mississauga Get is still not clear, and hence residents have to check online for the latest update.      

The authorities have warned people about the gusty winds that can reach up to 60 KMPH, and the worst condition is expected until 11 PM on Monday. The warning was issued after a low-pressure system was tracked at the south of the Great Lakes. 

Updates on Advisory

The weather department has issued an advisory where it is said that up to 60CM of snowfall is expected during the peak hours or late afternoon. Crews are already involved in clearing the streets and opening the residential routes. But people are still wondering How Much Snow Did Mississauga Get.

The public transport system has been affected, and it may get delayed up to one hour due to the blockage caused by snowfall in some areas. All vaccination clinics will be closed temporarily because of the extreme conditions.    

The snowfall was heavy during the early morning and afternoon. However, it is not clear how much snow the city registered yesterday. 


Residents are worried about the extreme weather conditions. It is the first winter snowfall, and everyone wants to know How Much Snow Did Mississauga Get.

The officials have not confirmed the amount of snowfall the city registered. However, they have issued advisory and warned people via Twitter about gusty wind and heavy snowfall up to 60 CM during the peak hours. 

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