How Much Would It Cost To Build A Stadium (Sep) Facts!

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The post talks about How Much Would It Cost To Build A Stadium and its details.

Well, many of us have had the dream of watching a live match from the stadium. Besides, it is also a joy to watch a match from our television screens too. But how often has the thought crossed your mind about the cost of building a stadium?

Well, if it has ever, this article will surely be of great read to you. Stadiums are a prime place for any professional sports team. And with the news about United States’s NFL Oakland Raiders moving to green pastures, we explored How Much Would It Cost To Build A Stadium

Read below to learn more.

Going Back to the History of Sports Stadiums

The history dates back to the Greek area, where the first stadium with modern facilities was constructed during the mid to late 19 centuries. The design was carved to make it possible for the audience and spectators to view the entire game. However, other amenities completely lacked therein.

They were built using wood. Do you know the Goodison Park in England is a soccer stadium that was opened in 1892? It was constructed of concrete and steel. Now, do you want to know How Much Would It Cost To Build A Stadium?

For that, you need to read the entire article till the end. In the coming sections, we will explore a little more.

Which are the Most Expensive Stadiums?

Are you excited to know which are the most expensive stadiums in the United States? Well, then read below:

  • SoFi Stadium is located in Los Angeles which is owned by Kroenke Sports & Entertainment. The total cost is $5.5 billion and was opened in 2020.
  • Allegiant Stadium, located in Las Vegas, is an American football stadium costing $1.9 billion, opened in 2020.
  • MetLife Stadium, located in New York, cost $2.02 billion and was opened in 2010

How Much Would It Cost To Build A Stadium?

Many things go into constructing the perfect stadium, including conceptualizing, building design, developing it, and issuing the final design. Over the years, the building costs have escalated. While for Houston Astrodome cost $35 million back in 1964, which was $266 million in today’s time. As of 2017, the cost escalated to $1.1 billion.

The latest to join the league is NFL Oakland Raiders. The team received approval to move to Las Vegas, where the newly built 65,000 seat stadium is constructed. Thus, answering How Much Would It Cost To Build A Stadium in 2020 would be between $250 to $350 million.

Final Conclusion

The cost of stadium construction has grown prolifically from 1964 to the present time. Besides, there have been many changes that have taken place in the overall construction and the amenities offered now.

The price has risen from $720 million for constructing Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis back in 2008 to NFL Oakland stadium in Las Vegas, whose estimate falls between $250 to $350 million.

We hope this article offered clarity about How Much Would It Cost To Build A Stadium. Read here to learn more about the stadium cost.

Which is your favorite stadium? Do share with us your feedback in the comments box below.

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