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How to Distinguish Between High and Low Quality Cannabis

Complete Information Distinguish Between High and Low Quality Cannabis

How to Distinguish Between High and Low Quality Cannabis: Cannabis is a plant and definitely, it will grow from seed so the quality of the crop must be influenced by the quality of its seeds.

Choose the right and good quality seeds so you will have an amazing quality of cannabis but how to get that high quality of seeds is also a question sensoryseeds is a very amazing website through which you can order your certified cannabis seeds of desired quality so you will get the chance of harvesting excellent quality product and will achieve your cannabis business goals.

The importance of your source of origin of your cannabis  seeds:

First of all, you should know from where your seed comes as it will affect the quality of your crop and your ultimate goal will be affected by the bad quality of seed so it is mentioned that it will surely come from a very well know seed bank and they provided you the authentic seeds that will surely germinate, as it is not a common business or normal business in which you can get seeds from any drug store and there are chances of misuse of this product or any fraud related to its selling or buying of cannabis seeds.

If you buy local cannabis seed the quality of the crop will be affected but certified cannabis provides you the best seeds with proper information about when it will produce seedlings furthermore they will surely germinate so there is no chance of loss and quality can’t be compromised because of seeds.

And most important thing seeds should be purely organic they should not be produced artificially all the processes of seeds formation or production should be natural this will impart the characteristics of seeds as the good or bad characteristics can run in genes so the careful production of desirable cannabis seeds through natural selection will defiantly pass on the essential characteristics that will be shown in the crop production.

During crop production no doubt your good skills will have an influence on the final quality of the crop you harvests but if you use weak genetics they will pass on to the next generation and will be shown in the affected or compromised quality of the final yield. 

So choosing the right seed is essential for growing your cannabis business smoothly and efficiently, as the quality will affect the demands and that will downfall your business.

The seed bank will not only guarantee the germination of your seed but provide you with complete information about the entire process so you will get maximum help in the cultivation of the crop and will harvest the desired quality product.

How to recognize the quality of seeds:

Despite their guarantee of providing  you best quality of seeds you can check your self the quality of seeds by taking few things un it notices:


Germinated seeds always show a darker color range from brown to even Grey or black which is an indication of their premium quality only dark seeds are germinated this can be done just by looking at the seeds at one sight you can recognize the quality of seeds, but if the color is dull or whitish they must be immature and not yet germinated.

Furthermore, high-quality seeds have a special texture in their seeds they may have brindle stripes or speckles. And immature seeds have shells and show an ivory color, but if you get these seeds by mistake and try to germinate surely it will take a longer time in the whole process and will affect the final yield of the crop, then the quality is also not sure about these seeds it is not guaranteed that they will produce high-quality crops.

Glossy coating:

If you look at these seeds in the light or under a lamp you will notice the glossy or shimmery coating on the seeds this is a sign of their excellent quality. 

They will give the marble or pearl appearance but if there is the absence of this shiny or  glossy coating or if it appears dull it will defiantly not be of good quality.

Hard and smooth surface:

You can check the hardness or smoothness of the surface for the check premium quality if the shell is hard it will be of good quality you can check it by pressing the seeds or applying certain pressure if it will tolerate the pressure, it must be of good quality but if the coating is porous or breaks up on the slight pressure seed must be old and will not germinate.

How long can  cannabis seeds be stored:

It all depends on the conditions in which these seeds are stored, they require a dark place, proceed from humidity fir their long life, and seed bank provides all these vital conditions to their seeds for storing for years, they provide you seeds in the vial with desiccants.

Can you already know the man of your seeds?

If you buy from the local market there may be a problem but if you buy these seeds from a seed bank they guarantee 90 % germination and obviously, only female seeds can germinate.

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