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How to Fix Lg Ims Has Stopped {May 2022} Check Here!

Do you wish to learn How to Fix Lg Ims Has Stopped in-depth? The write-up shares detailed information on the issue. So, scroll down to the bottom.

Are you trying to fix Lg Ims issue? If you have an Android smartphone or an LG user, you may have noticed a pop-up that says, “Sadly, the LG Ims app has stopped.” LG IMS is a service that allows users to take advantage of the convergence of mobile phone and internet services. 

Several United States users have called LG Ims malware and linked it to unlawful data transfer between Android smartphones and other entities. Keep reading to learn the answer to How to Fix Lg Ims Has Stopped.

How to find solution to the “Sadly, LG-IMS Suspended” issue?

  • Uninstall Programs That Have Been Updated – The LG IMS box occasionally appears while upgrading or downloading apps. In settings, the user can see all of the loaded applications and see whether there are any that you recently updated. The messaging problem may be resolved once this is accomplished.
  • Use the Hidden-Panel to Modify the IP-Version to avail the hidden option – Enter 277634#*#. Then locate “IP Version” and click it. Modify the “IPV6V4” option to “IPV4V6.” If the message “Sadly LG IMS has paused” continues, you can activate flight mode and deactivate it once the hidden panel changes are complete.

How to Fix Ims Service Has Stopped?

Many people in the United States fear Factory wiping their smartphone since it requires resetting the phone; however, if none of the preceding options works, you can Factory reset the phone, and the warning should show again. Factory resetting your smartphone will destroy all of your information; we advise backing up everything essential before doing so.

Rebooting via the side key or device settings are the two methods for Factory resetting Smartphone devices. Backup and reset may be found in Settings > General tab > Backup and restore. Follow the warning if your phone alerts you about erasing data and wait until it finishes the procedure and resets your device.

How to Fix Lg Ims Has Stopped 

Turn down the LG-IMS –  As before said, LG-IMS is a critical foundation; without it, users will be incapable to utilize Wi-Fi or VoLTE calling. When nothing of the mentioned options is functioning, try deactivating it by the directions provided. You can use technique five if it’s something you don’t want to perform. Enter 277634#*# to avail the unseen panel. Select Field-test > Modem-settings > VoLTE on or off from the menu. Then turn down IMS, and reboot your device. It will fix your problem.

While analyzing the Lg Ims Keeps Stopping 2022, we found that the last method is downloading a Custom or Stock ROM. Installing a custom or stock ROM on a device with less technical skills might be challenging. You can choose which one you wish to flash, but we suggest going with the stock Rom.


LG Electronics Inc. has developed LG IMS to provide smartphones with the highest quality multimedia experience. With this system, users can enjoy seamless connections between the different features provided by their devices. But currently, as many people are facing the issue, users can easily fix it with the above guide. 

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