How to Get 7 Hellion Tft (April 2021) Checkout Details!

How to Get 7 Hellion Tft (April 2021) Checkout Details!

How to Get 7 Hellion Tft (April 2021) Checkout Details! >> This article gives you information about an update of a multiplayer game known as Teamfight tactics.

Do you like to play teamfight Tactics? Are you familiar with the Hellion power? Do you want to know how you can get 7 Hellion Tft power in Teamfight Tactics? Well, if you are looking for these answers, then you have landed on the right article. 

This article will tell you about the Teamfight Tactics game, which is famous in countries like the United States and many more, and How to Get 7 Hellion Tft. So let’s find out. 

What is Teamfight Tactics?

Teamfight Tactics is an online multiplayer game famous in countries like the United States and many more. The game was developed on June 26th, 2019, and published by Garena and Riott games. This game is available on different platforms like android, iOS, PC, Microsoft Windows, and many more. 

The teamfight Tactic is a spin-off of a famous League of Legends game where the players form a team of seven players and fight against each other with powers like 7 Hellion and many more. The last standing character is the winner of the match.  We will tell you How to Get 7 Hellion Tft later in this article. So continue reading. 

Latest Update of Teamfight Tactics

The latest update of this game is patch 11.9 notes, in which few things are included which makes this game even more interesting and popular among the gamers. Features which the new update gives to the players are:

  • New champions and composition
  • The dark theme of the game 
  • Hellion traits 
  • Introduction of Dopplehellion 

What is Hellion Traits?

Hellion Traits is like the superpower in the latest update. It’s like the attack speed. If you want to know How to Get 7 Hellion Tft, then continue reading as we will discuss this in the next heading. 

Having hellion trait is beneficial for the players as attack speed is one of the best powers in TFT, and it does the damage and increases the mana of the player. There are stages of hellion traits.

  • Three hellions: five percent attack speed. 
  • Five hellions: 50 percent attack speed.
  • Seven Hellion: 125 percent attack speed. 

That’s why everyone wanted to get seven hellions in TFT, as it helps in more damage and increases the player’s mana to use other powers. 

How to Get 7 Hellion Tft

There are six hellion champions in the game, i.e., Ziggs, Lulu, poppy, Kled, Teemo, and Kennen. Poppy, Ziggs, and Kled are having one gold. Kennen has two golds, whereas lulu has three, and teemo has five golds. To get the 7th champion, a hellion Emblem is required. 

Giving this emblem to a champion allows him to gain the hellion trait. If you are looking for heroes who are perfect for holding this power, you have kayle and Ashe. They are good with attack speed, and you can get your seven hellions in TFT. To know more about this; you can check this link.


We now know How to Get 7 Hellion Tft and why it is necessary to have seven hellions in Teamfight Tactics. With new updates, you get new features. As for now, you can try and get seven hellions and enjoy your game. If anyone has ever been scammed playing this game, click here to know more.

Tell us about your favorite character in the comment below. 

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