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How to Get Crown of Madness Roblox {Nov} Claim Accessory

How to Get Crown of Madness Roblox {Nov} Claim Accessory >> A write-up showcasing steps on how to claim very popular & free accessory read to know more!

Roblox is a popular gaming platform and has been in the picture for a long time. The game keeps on updating with various accessories now and then. Some accessories can be found in Roblox itself, and some can be purchased. 

Are you a Roblox player? Want to know how to obtain free accessories without paying for it? If you read the correct article so, continue reading as here, we will reveal How to Get Crown of Madness Roblox, which is gaining immense popularity in Canada and the United Kingdom.

Let’s learn more!

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Piggy book 2: Roblox

Piggy book is a trendy game released on 12th September 2020 on the Roblox gaming platform, which got so popular that a sequel, Piggy book 2, had to be released soon after the first release.

Any player can obtain the Crown of madness in the Piggy game, but it is possible only if the user has traitor mode enabled. The user will have to follow the Allies map in the piggy book two games to claim it.

Let’s know more on How to Get Crown of Madness Roblox.

What is Crown of Madness?

The Crown of madness is an accessory launched in the purchase shop of Roblox on 17th November 2020.  The craze to obtain this accessory is enormous in the Philippines and the United States.

The accessory can be obtained by either purchasing it from the Roblox shop or finding it in the game itself. Claiming Crown of madness can be easy if played together with your friends.

How to obtain Crown of Madness?

The steps are as follows:

  • Before starting the game, Select allies’ chap one, click on the bot, start playing, keep on walking, and finish the game. How to Get Crown of Madness Roblox will be much clear.
  • Unlock all the doors, and in one door, there will be a puddle; clean it up fast and wait for a few minutes.
  • Click on the door only once and listen carefully to how many knocks you hear.
  • There will be dices, so find the red one and set it to the number of knocks heard.
  • The user will have to again click on the door and listen to the number of knocks, then rush to the laundry room where you will find the green dice and set it accordingly.
  • Similarly, do the same for the blue dice, which is in the Laundromat.
  • Go to a room with all your friends and make the levers face the wall.

 Further on How to Get Crown of Madness Roblox.

  • The next task is to help the stuck elephant escape, so turn the light off and pull all the levers in one direction, opening another door.
  • Go in the room; there will be a puzzle match it correctly in combination with the number you put on the dice.
  • The door will open, so escape with the elephant and your friends; the user will be rewarded with the Crown of Madness.


Follow the steps correctly to obtain the Crown of madness explained most quickly. if you have the wish to obtain Crown of Madness. Comment in the comment section below on How to Get Crown of Madness Roblox.

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