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How To Get Parametric Transformer (July) Answered Here!

How To Get Parametric Transformer 2021

How To Get Parametric Transformer (July) Answered Here! >> Read on to learn about the ways to use and get this popular in-game device in Genshin Impact.

Are you tired of playing old predictable games with monotonous quests? Unfortunately, almost all online games, after some time, seem mundane and boring if there are no elements or upgraded items. 

Understanding the requirements of players from the Philippines, Canada, the United Statesetc., online gaming platforms have initiated to introduce their players to new and exciting items. One such game is Genshin Impact, with its in-game item Parametric Transformer. 

Hence let’s find out How to Get Parametric Transformer

Information About Parametric Transformer 

One of the most important parts of the game Genshin Impact is the Parametric Transformer. Throughout the game, while completing different quests, the players collect items and weapons. These items come in handy for the players for upgrading the characters to another level or crafting etc. 

The transformer comes into play here as it helps the players turn all the collected items into something innovative. However, even though the gadget is crucial, it is slow in recharging as it takes six days to recharge and reset.

How to Get Parametric Transformer?

Now let’s tackle the main question that is where to get this transformer from in the game. Without the knowledge of acquiring the gadget, all the other information is futile. 

Hence following are the simple steps to procure the gadget:

  • The first step to get the transformer is to finish the Tianqui Treasure Trail quest. 
  • For the quest, the players can speak to Lan (beside Liyue Harbor’s Adventure Guild). The Lan will give sidequests that the players need to complete.  
  • After completing the sidequest, the actual and final quest for How to Get Parametric Transformer begins. The quest will give the players a marker on the map to go and fight mobs to get the treasure map. 
  • The treasure map takes the player to Dunyu Ruins, and players can follow the instructions to reach Lingju Pass via Statue of the Seven. 
  • The map will highlight three spots for the players to reach, and the player has to fight the mobs in these locations to get to a trunk. 
  • After getting the trunks from all the locations, players have to go back to Lan. Lan will give the Parametric Transformer. 

How does It Work? 

After the question for How to Get Parametric Transformer is answered; it makes sense to know its use. To use the transformer, one must know that the gadget takes up to certain points that is 150 or above to convert the collected items into something new. 

The items for points include items that are not important to the players. Therefore, the players can wipe out all the unnecessary things they picked up during the game to clear some space in the inventory. 

For earning points, the players should be aware of what color provides which score; for example, if you picked up a purple item, you get 4 points, and if the item is green in color, you get 1 point, etc.


In conclusion to How to Get Parametric Transformer, we can see that the value of Parametric Transformer in this game is huge. The acquiring process of the object in itself is an interesting quest for the players. However, the quest and the gadget are sure to keep the players entertained, bringing out the best challenges to the table.  

To know more about Parametric Transformer details, watch here.  

Are you looking forward to use Parametric Transformer in the game? Kindly share your impressions and opinions in the comment section below.

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