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How To Get Reaper Aut {Sep 2021} Game Zone Information!

This article describes creating a trending stand available in the Roblox gaming platform to enhance the gaming experience. Read about How to Get Reaper Aut.

Are you a gamer from the Roblox online gaming platform interested in adding different movesets to your game? Do you like to explore different types of new movesets to improve your gaming experience? Then read this article to understand more.

The gaming community in The United States are very much eager to expand their knowledge on the newly introduced Aut features, and the most trending question among the gamers from the Roblox gaming platform is How to Get Reaper Aut.

What is Reaper?

Reaper consists of an S+ Tier Spec present in the Rarity on the Tier List, and it also has One Shotter based Spec for the List on PvP Tier, if the user has Max type of Souls in their Pvp. Reaper is also called Grim Reaper, taken from mythology of western, which means the conscious of death.

The Reaper comes under the category of non-canon based on the spec in the game by collecting souls become more powerful. The pose song of the Reaper is “Himawari – Fragile”. The actual pose song in the game starts at 0:34.

How to Get Reaper Aut

  For New Obtainable;

  • Get seven dragon balls.
  • The first step involved is getting dragon balls from the map chest.
  • After finding it, the user needs to talk to goku after finishing his quest.
  • Then the user has to wish for World ender and then the Reaper is available.

    For Old Obtainable;

  • First, the user needs to combine Star Platinum OVA with Death Note to form Shinigami.
  • After that, Shinigami need to be combined with Death Note to produce Reaper.


Few popular passives are mentioned below:

  • Passive 1 is named Bloodlust, based on How to Get Reaper Aut provides the user 15% buffs as the value is below 50% of the health. It also gives a 5% dmg to the user for boosting and an additional 10% for the user movement boost.
  • Passive 3 is named Rapid Regeneration which helps the user to recover five health for each second.
  • Passive 4 is called Critical Damage as all damage types deal if the user has a high critical damage rate, i.e. two times the damage.
  • Passive 5 is called Soul Collecting. When more people get killed, the user gains more souls increasing the damage. If killed, they will lose every available soul.


 A few popular Movesets on How to Get Reaper Aut are mentioned below:

  • Slash helps to swing the scythe quickly, resulting in black trails on the user’s second swing.
  • Soul Torment helps to swing the scythe quickly to the ground, which creates a rift, and the ones who step in that will be banished.
  • Soul Consumption – It helps to provide a temporary speed boost and helps to heal. 


Different types of movesets can improve the gaming quality and the gaming experience of online gamers. It also plays a crucial role in improving the creative gaming skills of the users. To understand more on How to Get Reaper Aut, check the link  

Have you used any movesets while gaming ? If so, which is your favorite one? Kindly share your feedback about it with us.

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