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How to Get SOL Aut (Sep 2021) Read About The Character!

Want to know How to Get SOL Aut in the game? You can know about it quickly through the information that is provided below. So check out & enjoy the game.

Are you aware of the Sol character in the Universal time game? Well, you can know regarding it through the content that is provided below.

How to Get SOL Aut helps to know that the character’s name is Sol Jotaros Star Platinum. This character is also known as JSP for short, and it also mentions that the player base is excellent. 

We see that the character is prevalent among the users of the United States, and the United Kingdom.

What is the news about?

The news is regarding the Sol Aut character of the game, and we see that it is the first rarest stand, till the Worlds Requiems Rarity took over the game.

The character seems to be wearing a mask, and it completely covers the face; it is a primarily black and blue character with fingerless gloves.

How to Get SOL Aut shows that the users can attain the character through the cosmic orb and using it on the Star Platinum. The Time Stop movement feature that the users can use to move in stop time is not working currently.

There are different powers that one can use with the character. These involve punches, and the damage one causes by this is excellent. Each punch causes 9.25 damage, while the final one causes 30 damage.

When you press the E key, you need to move the cursor onto the player, which will teleport the player.

Important points regarding How to Get SOL Aut:

  • The Sol has the power of an Intangible punch. It can automatically charge up the punch, which has the medium blue force field energy, which can be done after 3 seconds.
  • The Sol leashes a punch and can knock down the enemy.
  • This is easier to obtain, and you can get it by having Star Platinum and a cosmic orbit. Also, it would help if you had TW, Cosmic Orb, and the shadow to the world.
  • The Soul Star and the Intangible punch have a great connection.
  • When the users are making a move, the Sol Star will appear right behind them. 

Views of people regarding How to Get SOL Aut:

We see that there are different characters in the Universal time game. To achieve the stands, the users need to have different means. The Star Platinum character Sol has a lot of powers that you would find impressive. But to get there, you need to have a Jotaros hat and a quest of Jotaro in the park.

Moreover, looking at users’ comments, we find this character amazing, and some even got it for free.

Some users aren’t able to get the duo boss, but they can try again for it.

The bottom line:

Thus, we find that the users can try to get the character SOL  by using the requirements. Moreover, How to Get SOL Aut shows that it has many powers that will be very useful to you in the game. We also suggest readers to check Do All The Robux Generators are Unsafe or not. 

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