How to Get the Purple Sword in Roblox {Nov} Enjoy Piggy!

How to Get the Purple Sword in Roblox 2020 .

How to Get the Purple Sword in Roblox {Nov} Enjoy Piggy! >> A write-up on how to obtain a purple sword in piggy, read now to know more about this new game.

All gamers are familiar with the feeling of excitement and urgency to complete a particular game once they start. But even to complete a typical game, the player has to master many tricks and have access to rare and powerful weapons.

Today, here we will be discussing How to Get the Purple Sword in Roblox, which is based in the United States. To know more about the game and the sword, do read the article till the end!

Let’s know more about the game and the purpose of the sword. Keep reading.

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What is Roblox?

There is a short lane down the road for the ones who have no idea about the game; Roblox is an online game that needs internet access. Roblox is a game that gives the user to create a world of its own and build to the user’s imagination. 

Further, we will know more on How to Get the Purple Sword in Roblox, but first, let’s discuss now an essential element of this game that gained immense popularity in the United States.

Robux is crucial in the game as it is the game’s currency, and without this, the user cannot purchase anything from the competition. 

What is the purpose of the purple sword?

Pro-gamers quickly know to get access to this conundrum task, but obtaining such rare equipment can be difficult for the average players. So what is this purple sword? Let’s find out!

The purple sword is better known as Sabrina’s Sword of healing and can be obtained in the game piggy, one of Roblox’s most played game. So How to Get the Purple Sword in Roblox, to bring the sword, we will know further, but the central concept of obtaining this sword is that the player has studied the game and the map appropriately to make the task a bit more manageable.

Where and how to avail the sword?

Piggy is a multiplayer game, so the user can play with his friends if the player has access to the VIP server, but only one player can obtain the sword at a time. The process is too complex to be explained in words, but the primary way is that the user will have to play in 2 chapters; in the first select traitor mode and enter chapter one book 2. Follow the map and go to the area that displays the number set and enters 722. 

How to Get the Purple Sword in Roblox gets more comfortable, go to the start of the map, and a chair in front of the restaurant press the purple button which will appear, another purple button will appear near the Laundromat press that also.

Now head back to the area where numbers were entered; another purple button is to be pressed. Now find the monster and get killed by him.

Similarly, there is another task on chapter 2, which is to be played on the infection mode.

Final verdict

Finding the sword for armatures in this game can be very difficult; hence following the steps is very important. For better knowledge watching a video can be more helpful. Thank you for reading How to Get the Purple Sword in Roblox.

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