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The latest chapter of the How to Hide the Emperor’s Child Novel is released. Read to find the storyline and other facts.

The 2020 released novel How to Hide the Emperor’s Novel is now getting appreciation since many of its episodes are released, and the audience Worldwide is finding it fascinating. The imaginative graphics of How to Hide the Emperor’s Child Novel are being appreciated in every nook and corner of the anime reading consumers. The ratings the novel is getting are significant. The latest chapter is chapter 79, and we will discuss it in this article. Apart from this, we would talk about the storyline and other nuances. 

The Release of the Novel

The first chapter of the novel was released in 2020, and it has since been progressing at a significant pace. The novel is authored by Yooani, and it is categorized in the genres like fantasy, tragedy, romance, and Josei. How to Hide the Emperor’s Child Novel is a web novel, and its episodes are released from time to time. To check the status of the current episode, one can google the novel and see the official website. 

The Ratings to the Novel

The novel is rated very well, and on most platforms, the ratings are in the line of 4 out of a total of 5. Audiences are participating through various social media and commenting on official Twitter and sharing their reactions to the story. On various sites, bookmarking is also found to be more for this web novel than others of similar genres. 

Summary of How to Hide the Emperor’s Child Novel

Astella is a girl who worked hard to love and become Kaizen’sKaizen’s wife from a very young age. She was just mad about him. She married him, but things did not work as desired by her. The marriage ended a day after a thundering dialogue from Kaizen “You never loved me anyway, right?” The audience got mesmerized by this article. 

She was once a royal but abandoned and negated by them. And now, the love of her life wanted her to leave. She lied about not loving Kaizen. Astella then, in How to Hide the Emperor’s Child Novel, is left with a thought that she might be pregnant and has to bear the burden of being a single mother with no support and whose husband made her live on the streets. 

Six years had passed, and Astella lied again, this time for the child’s identity. She told everyone that the boy was her nephew. All she wanted was for her son to be protected and safe. 


The storyline of Astella is thundering and engaging. The story remains interested for a few initial episodes and then unfolds in the most intriguing ways. The web novel readers appreciate How to Hide the Emperor’s Child Noveland its magic remains two years after its release. The latest chapter is 79, which can be read from the official and other comic websites. To know more, see How to Hide the Emperor’sEmperor’s Child Novel  

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