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How to Use Xl Candy in Pokemon Go {June} What Does It Do?

This news article is based on information related to How to Use Xl Candy in Pokemon Go and its specifications.

Hey, are you a fan of Pokemon? For how long have you been connected with the Pokemon television series? Do you play Pokemon Go? If yes, you must be wondering about Xl Candy in Pokemon Go.

There are online game geeks across the United States and Canada who are curious about Pokemon Go. So, here in this article, readers will be allotted extensive information about How to Use Xl Candy in Pokemon Go.

The Xl Candy in Pokemon Go

Many of the readers might not be informed enough about the Xl Candy. So, Candy is a kind of resource given to the player when they reach level 31. Earlier the trainer level was set for level 40. By June 2022, it was reduced to level 31.

This resource is like a golden ticket while combating the Master League. Also, from level one to forty, the CP level scales increase. With Xl Candy, as the Pokemon hits level 40, they can be taken to level fifty.  

What Does Xl Candy Do?

  • Xl Candy is connected with the Pokemon evolution chain. If a player wants to increase the level of Charizard, then they need to attain the Charizard Xl Candy. 
  • Xl candies can make your Pokemon game even stronger than before. Thus it is a late-game resource. 
  • The Xl Candy allows players to increase their Pokemon even more in the Pokemon Go online game.
  • The level cap increase, along with candies, helps players give a hike in the CP of a Pokemon from level forty to level fifty.

How to Use Xl Candy in Pokemon Go?

We hope you have understood this process, now it’s time to discuss how to attain these Xl candies. Mentioned below are some methods to get Xl candies:

  • Capturing and shifting Pokemons, the Pokemons with high CP levels also improve the chances.
  • Hatching Pokemon eggs off and also trading them with other Pokemon owners. 
  • Going with a buddy Pokemon can also help attain more candies.
  • Catching the unevolved Pokemon creates chances of receiving 1 to 3 Xl candies.
  • The legend and legendary Pokemons are a great use that guarantees 2 candies for evolved Pokemons and 3 for the mythical ones.

Total Xl Candy required.

Everyone now knows How to Use Xl Candies Pokemon Go. The actual number of Xl Candy required for Level 40 to Level 50. A player needs to collect 296 Xl Candies and around 250,000 stardust.

Level by a level description of required Xl Candy:

  • Levels 41 and 42 require 10 Xl Candy
  • Levels 43 and 44 require 12 Xl Candy
  • Levels 45 and 46 require 15 Xl Candy
  • Levels 47 and 48 require 17 Xl Candy
  • Levels 49 and 50 require 20 Xl Candy

Final Verdict

After going through a detailed discussion on Xl Candy in Pokemon Go, we can conclude that How to Use Xl Candy in Pokemon Go will be an easy task. 

Have you ever collected Xl Candy in Pokemon Go? Do share your views, suggestions and recommendations in the comment section below. For more information on the Use of Xl Candy in Pokemon Go, click here

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