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Hunter Moore Anonymous {July} Who Is He, What Happened!

Hunter Moore Anonymous is the post where we discussed The Most Hated Man on the Internet, a Netflix document, and about who he is.

Do you know about Charlotte Laws? Do you know who Hunter Moore is? Are you aware of the story of Hunter Moore? Laws punished him for whatever he did in the past. However, after a decade, people of the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada now want to know where he is.

The reason behind this search is a Netflix documentary that releases now based on the story of Charlotte Laws, her daughter, and Hunter Moore. Let us discuss the whole story in Hunter Moore Anonymous.

What is the latest news?

Among several hatred personalities on the Internet, there is one man whose documentary was released on Netflix. A three-episode series is titled “The Most Hated Man on the Internet.”

It is a Tv-miniseries documentary based on a guy named Hunter Moore who was morally corrupt and thought he had the supremacy of ruining someone’s life, especially women, in a few clicks.

The documentary is now online and released on 2022 July 27 on Netflix for viewers. The production company behind this are All3Media and Raw TV.

Where Is Hunter Moore Now?

After the documentary’s release, everyone wants to know where he is now. Presently where he is, what he does for his lifestyle is not known much. However, he completed his prison in 2017 and three-year supervised probation in 2021.

He released EDM tracks named “make the internet great again” and the book titled same website name “Is Anyone Up,” in 2018.

According to a media report, when he asked about appearing in the Netflix documentary, he denied to do that. Moreover, he has posted a screenshot of the Netflix title page on one of his social media accounts. Hunter Moore Now 2022 July 15 reposted the trailer with the title LOL.

Who is Hunter Moore?

We will not spoil your documentary time by telling a story. However, we are going to provide some information about him. As per online sources, it was 2010 when Moore created a revenge website called “Is Anyone Up” with the intention to spoil an innocent’s life. As per online sources, with the help of his friend, he used to share some explicit photographs and videos of people on the website without their consent.

What happened to him?

Upon knowing about his activity, one of the victim’s mothers named, Charlotte Laws, decided to bring his website down and save the lives of others. Hunter Moore Anonymous launched an operation to capture personal data and reveal his identity.

Anonymous is an Internet-friendly group created to bring Moore down in which there were highly-knowledgeable hackers.

After a rigorous attempt of two years, finally, in 2012, the website shut down. And in 2014, Moore was arrested by the FBI and later imprisoned. Some charges, like conspiracy, identity theft, etc., were imposed on him.


The self-declared “expert life wrecker,” Hunter Moore, is now at the top of the news due to the Netflix documentary release “The Most Hated Man on the Internet.” This name was given to him in one of the articles of Rolling Stone posted in 2012. Hunter Moore Anonymous post discusses necessary information regarding him. You can watch the trailer of The Most Hated Man on the Internet here.

Interested in watching this documentary? Do comment and tell us if you knew about this news before.

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