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Iamsecond Com Mikeand Carrie [May] Read Life Stories

Iamsecond Com Mikeand Carrie 2020

Iamsecond Com Mikeand Carrie [May] Read Life Stories -> The concept of the website is beautifully designed by its Owner Mille and Carrie. The out of the box site helped people to say yes I Am Second. 

Do you believe in living a second life? If “yes” Come to the new world of I am second. The website will let you know the real-life stories of people who transform themselves, and today they are a brand version of themselves.

To strengthen the inner you, you need to believe in yourself, love yourself, and trust yourself. The site will tell you about how people find themselves with the help of live second stories, videos, and coach guidance.

The Iamsecond Com MikeandCarrie story will melt your heart. The Virtual site is stuffed with real stories, Read the article below to get more information.

The website is becoming an inspiration for thousands of people who are still fighting to know them better. The site is gaining a tremendous amount of love in the United State.

What is I am Second?

It is an online store launched in back 2008 as a non-profit experiment. The only mission of the online start-up is to give vision to people to live a better life. 

The store is embedded with online videos, short films. Amazingly, the stories are not a fiction one. It is a real-life story of people who confidently and boldly narrates their “I am Second” version and shares their personal experiences.

The website was started with 20 stories, and now, you will find more than 130 raw and real accounts on the site. The stories belong to people like you. The inspiring content spokes out how people meet themselves.

Famous athletes tell the video’s story. Actors, business leaders, musicians, addicts, and survivors.

Who are Mike and Carrie?

Mike and Carrie are the owners of the website named as I am second. Their motive is to inspire people with inspirational stories.

They wanted people to connect. They started the site to make people learn from other stories and find themselves. 

Give yourself a second chance, live a second life, and proudly say that Yes, I am second. 

The bravery words of the people and their brilliant content of the site led the site to be on the top of the success chart.

Now, their site is viewed by almost 120 million people in around 230 countries in the world. 

Product Specifications

  • Product Name- I Am Second
  • Owner of the website – Mike and Carrie
  • Resources available – Online stories, real-life videos, events, books, and coach are available
  • Subscribe – Easy subscription by sign in through mail id
  • Shop – You can shop via Media store, or I Am Second store

Why choose I Am Second?

The store is a perfect destination to spend hours, as it showcases the right path of life and helps people to know their hidden problems in the form of stories, videos, and short films.

You will connect with other stories and can help yourself. You will give a second chance to yourself and will proudly say that I Am Second.

The store has a bundle of creative options for you.

  • Easy Subscription
  • Exclusive Content
  • Great deals
  • Share your story section.
  • Coach guidance
  • Shop now section

Want to empower yourself? Or want to fly in the air with the new wings? For that visit, I Am Second website. The site will help you to discover yourself and gives you immense bravery so that you can share your story with your family and friends.

What are the people’s opinions about I am second?

Let’s see your opinion.

In today’s 21st century, we have lost ourselves, our inner power. If you want to meet yourself again in a better version, the website is your destination.

The store is filled with tremendous and motivational stories of famous personalities. If personalities can share their second life story, then why don’t you?

Life has different chapters, and somewhere we discover ourselves in every episode. If you want to find the new one of yourself, Subscribe and shop via I am second.


The time has changed, so we, but why don’t we inspire others by our real-life story. Share your I am Second story with your dear ones and be the inspiration for them.

The website has actual content, and if you want to connect with others’ stories, the site is calling you.

The site launched by Mille and Carrie has proved yes there is the second life. We need the confidence to spoke out.

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