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{Updated} Idaho Students Killed Reddit: Is There Any Crime Scene Photos or Video Available, Are They Murdered, Also Check If They Are All Roommates!

Read this post on Idaho Students Killed Reddit to learn the complete details about the homicide at the University of Idaho.

Have you heard about the killing at the University of Idaho? According to the reports, four students of the University of Idaho have been stabbed multiple times to death. People from the United States are shocked after hearing this news. If you want to learn more about this killing, we suggest you read this post on Idaho Students Killed Reddit.

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What is the latest news?

According to the sources, on Sunday, 13th November 2022, four University of Idaho, Moscow students were brutally assassinated. The investigations into this case are still ongoing, and police have been trying to find the culprit. Recent reports indicate that the students were murdered when they were sleeping. Police also revealed a lot of blood on the wall of the students, so it is possible that the person who killed the students was really angry. Reports also indicated that the students tried to fight back and prevent their death but failed and ended up Dead. The police have investigated many people to find the clue but haven’t found anything significant to the case.

What was in the Reddit post related to the killing?

On the day of the homicide, the four students were noticed near the food truck near their campus. The food truck driver revealed that the students were not distressed and seemed fine. The students were seen having a normal conversation and enjoying their food. After some time, it was announced that these students were killed. The killer of these students is still at large. This Video has now been uploaded everywhere, including on Reddit. Many people have left their views and comments on that post. People are expressing grief over the death of the students. 

Who are the students who were killed?

There were four students involved in the killing. Ethan Chaping, 20; Madison Mogen, 21; Xana Kernodle, 20; Kaylee Goncalves, 21. The four of them were mostly seen together. Xana Kernodle’s father, Jeffrey Kernodle, said he talked to her daughter in her last moments. He said the killing didn’t make sense as her daughter was hanging out with her Roommates. Xana’s father also said that their dorm had a number code. So, the killer could be someone within the friend circle of Xana. When Xana’s father looked at the autopsy report, he said that Xana most likely fought the killer but was unsuccessful. 

What details have the police found related to the case?

The police said has currently been trying to find the person behind this assassination. Still, they haven’t found any significant traces related to the case, like the blade which killed the students, or any suspect related to the case. Police said the knife used at the Crime Scene to kill the students was most likely military-style. The police also figured out a map representing the timeline of each student. This map showed that the students mostly spent their time apart from each other and finally met in their homes. The weirdest part of this case is that two other female students were in the house when the killing happened. They were completely unharmed and were the ones who called 911. But they had no idea when the police asked them for any clue. Police suspect them to be a witness.

Social media links

The Photos of this case have been going viral on social media, and people are talking about it everywhere.



We do not aim to blame anyone through our posts; our article is just for informative purposes.

Final words

To finish this content, we hope the students get justice, and the culprit gets caught. We also hope that the students’ soul rests in peace. Please click on this link to learn more about this case 

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Idaho Students Killed Reddit – FAQs

Q1. When were the students killed?

The students were killed on 13th November 2022

Q2. How many students were killed?

Four students were killed during the homicide.

Q3. How were the students killed?

Students were probably killed with a military-style knife.

Q4. What were the students doing before the killing?

The students were seen having their food and enjoying themselves near their campus.

Q5. Who were the suspects in the case?

The police have not found any suspects related to the case.

Q6. What have the police found about the case lately?

The police found that the students were Murdered in their sleep.

Q7. Was there anyone else when the students were killed?

Yes, there were two other students in the house when the killing happened

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