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Illinois Secretary Of State Text (Aug) Beware Of Scam!

Illinois Secretary Of State Text (Aug) Beware Of Scam! >> This article provides details about a prevalent scam that’s trapping many users. Please read the details here and stay safe.

The internet is not a secure place if you’re not being careful and taking appropriate measures to protect yourself and your data. Scammers are always lurking around the corner, waiting for an opportunity to steal your personal information and sensitive data. 

They’ll impersonate anyone to get these details, even government offices. Recently, a scam has been fooling users by pretending to be the Illinois State Department. Of course, we’re talking about the Illinois Secretary of State Text scam.

Keep reading to know more about this scam that’s proving troublesome for users in the United States. We’ll also mention prevention tips along with other relevant information.

What is Illinois?

As you must be aware, Illinois is one of the states of the United States. It’s located in the midwestern region of the country. It’s the sixth most populated, 25th largest area-wise state. The GDP of this state is at the fifth position among all states. 

The state has been crucial in social, cultural, and political reforms and has been crucial in many historical events. It has become a transportation hub in recent years in the United States.

Details about Illinois Secretary of State Text

  • A scam has been going around in Illinois where scammers claim to be from the office of the Illinois State Department.
  • They are phishing scams that mainly come through text or mail that ask users for personal information or open a link.
  • These are phishing scams that redirect users to fake websites that look similar to the authentic Illinois State website and have them enter personal information.
  • Sources reveal that scammers impersonate many Illinois State Departments and have fooled several users, which has made it a topic of concern.

What does the Illinois Secretary of State Text say?

  • The scam text asks users to click on links or provide personal information.
  • The State Secretary has responded to this scam and mentioned that their office never asks users for their personal information.
  • He said that he’s working with the authorities to prevent more users from falling for this scam.
  • He said he’s working to find the people responsible for this scam targeting users in this challenging period.
  • He has urged everyone to not reply to these texts or emails, not click on any link and delete these texts.
  • Illinois Secretary of State Text prevention tips ask users not to interact with the texts, hang up suspicious phone calls, and keep your software updated.
  • Read more about this scam here.

The Bottom Line 

There aren’t many scammers who won’t steal users’ personal information, including impersonating government offices. However, a scam has been trapping users under the pretense of being the Illinois State Department. All relevant information is available above. 

Were you or anyone in your knowledge fooled by this scam? Let us know your feedback on our information on the Illinois Secretary of State Text scam in the comments. Moreover, you may read here some tips to stay protected and prevented from the online scams.

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