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Immortals Fenyx Rising When in Olympus {Jan} Check Game!

Immortals Fenyx Rising When in Olympus {Jan} Check Game! >> Read about new Greek Mythology based video game that is becoming trendy & popular among gamers.

Many of us have a liking for mythologies, and sometimes we get to see them in many games. Some games have a Greek mythology theme, and one of them is Immortals Fenyx Rising When in Olympus

To learn about this game, we need to understand what’s Olympus. According to Greek Mythology, home to many Gods and a place where they kept the throne of Zeus. Mount Olympus can also be written as Olympos in Modern Greek. 

Till now, many gamers from the United States have taken a huge interest in such games. Let’s find out if this game has any unique quality in it. 

What is Immortals Fenyx Rising? 

Formerly identified as Gods and Monsters, the action-packed video game was released on 3rd December 2020. It was industrialised by Ubisoft Quebec as a third-person perspective game. 

The character Fenyx has to combat his enemies using bows and arrows. You can also unlock the godlike abilities further in the game. 

What is Immortals Fenyx Rising When in Olympus? 

Ubisoft surprised the whole gaming community with the release of a video game with Greek Gods and Monsters. The developer has recently addressed some bugs and announced to launch upcoming DLC (Downloadable Content) pack. 

When entering the game, on the map, a quest will appear called “When In Olympos,” which is a time challenge safe chamber from where the player has to make his or her way to the end and win some sweet loot. 

On the way, the player will get some rewards to level up the abilities. You need to complete the stage in the best time possible. 

What are the new updates in Immortals Fenyx Rising When in Olympus?

This new year, the publisher Ubisoft took to Twitter and informed about the game’s first and major update since its release in December 2020. They are going to attend to some technical issues as per the feedback they got till now.

The main news is the introduction of the downloadable content pack of A New God. Though the exact date has not yet been mentioned, it is expected to arrive sooner with the DLC content’s support. 

How are the game’s reviews? 

According to Metacritic, it has been favourably accepted by gamers. Almost everyone in their reviews has compared the adventure video game Immortals Fenyx Rising When in Olympus with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. 

They have loved the open-world game with lots of side puzzles to solve. People from the United States and other countries are liking the main character Fenyx and the bird along with it. 

Final Verdict 

If you are looking for a compact open-world game and not something too time consuming, this game is perfect.

The game is on Greek Mythology, and its characters are Zeus, Hermes, Fenyx, Typhon, and many more. Ubisoft introduced it in December 2020, and till now has received mixed reviews by the gamers.

If you want to share your experience with Immortals Fenyx Rising When in Olympus, write it down in the comment box. 

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