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Inane Wordle {April} Find Latest Quiz Answer In Detail!

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This article is about the answer to the Quordle puzzle, Inane Wordle. Follow the article for all the information.

Have you  heard about the Wordle game? There has been quite ablaze about this game in the world. Ever since it started, another game called Quordle was released. People from various countries such as Canada, the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, and India, etc., enjoy the game. 

This article will find out in detail about Inane Wordle if it is the answer to Quordle 79. Stay tuned to know more. 

About Quordle Game

Wordle game is available online for free. Similarly, Quordle started, which is the same as Wordle. It is a simple word-based puzzle game with daily challenges. It gives you a challenge every day, consisting of a five-letter to find out. But in Quordle, you have to guess four five-letter words to win the challenge. 

The game is Challenging but simple to try. If you get stuck, we will help you with the hints and answers. 

Is Inane Game Wordle your answer? 

The recent challenge in the Quordle game was a bit tricky, and not many people were able to identify the right word. People were seen searching for the hints for this puzzle. The answers available for this puzzle were as follows;

  • Drunk
  • Happy
  • Inane
  • Maker

Was it helpful to you?  “INANE” is one of the right answers. You can directly go and type this word, and you win the challenge. So do not worry if you are unable to guess the words. You can always get your answers on the Internet. 

How to play? 

Quordle is very simple to play; you need to follow some basic steps and guess four five-letter words. In today’s game, Inane Wordle is the answer to the challenge. Following are the steps to play the game:

  • Once you click on start, you will see five boxes on your screen in which you have to guess the word. 
  • You have to guess four five-letter words. 
  • The blocks will change to red, green, or grey as you start guessing. Red indicates a wrong guess; green indicates a right guess, while the grey color indicates that your guessed alphabet does not exist anywhere. 
  • If you win the challenge, you get an option to share your results on social media. 

In this manner, win daily challenges. Inane Wordle was the right answer to today’s puzzle. In case you fail to guess the word within six attempts, you get an option to look for hints and tricks on the Internet. 


All the information is provided in this article about the recent Quordle puzzle. Were you looking for the right answer? Now you don’t have to worry about getting stuck with Quordle puzzles. Go to this link to know your answer in detail. Hence, we can conclude the following topic and can say that the answer to the latest puzzle was Inane Wordle. Try this game and find out. 

How do you like this game? Let us know how it goes.

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