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Insnova Website Reviews (Feb 2021) Is Online Shopping Scam?

Insnova Website Reviews (Feb 2021) Is Online Shopping Scam? >> In the above article, you read about a website that sells women apparel and accessories across various countries.

Are you looking for a one-stop solution for women’s shopping? You can find hundreds of websites dealing with clothes or accessories for women. Many of them will offer you discounts and sales. While you want to shop for party wear or casual wear, you want the comfort and softness in your dresses. Insnova will end your search and provide you with the best of women’s clothes and accessories. 

Insnova Website Reviews will provide you with the experience of the customers who bought products from this United States-based online shopping store.

Is Insnova Legit?

There are many Insnova Website Reviews available on the internet. Women who bought dresses or accessories from Insnova are delighted. They are fascinated with the design and style. Insnova is regular in updating its stock. You can always find new arrivals. Customers have mentioned that the products they received were soft and good in quality.

Therefore, we can say that Insnova is a legit website. We recommend buying products through this website.

What is Insnova.com?

Insnova is an online women’s shopping store based in the United States. It is an international e-commerce platform of B2C fast fashion. The main focus of the company is on women’s wear. It deals with women’s dresses, including tops, bottoms, dresses, etc. Besides, it also sells accessories, shoes, and many other fashion items for women.

The main target of the company is America, Australia, Europe, and Canada. Insnova was founded in 2019 and covers over 220 countries and regions across the world. Insnova is working hard to bring its brand on the front line. Its giving the best of services to its customers 

In the Insnova Website Reviews, the customers who bought their products have highly appreciated. Hence, buying dresses or accessories from this website will be the best choice for you and your family.

 Specifications of Insnova:

  • Website Type: Online women shopping store
  • Website: https://www.insnova.com
  • E-mail: customer@insnova.comContact number: 865 450 9635
  • Shipping: 10-20 Business days
  • Refunds: Available
  • Returns and Exchange: Available within 30 days with conditions
  • Payment: PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, JCB, American Express

Pros of Insnova:

  • Trendy and latest designs of dresses and accessories
  • Regular updates of stock
  • Dresses and accessories are suitable for quality
  • Dresses for all the seasons
  • 10% additional discount available on subscription

Cons of Insnova:

  • Selected items exchangeable
  • Delayed delivery
  • The high price of the products
  • Shipping free on orders above $109

 Insnova Reviews:

Insnova Website Reviews can be found in many shopping and review websites. Most of them are positive. The latest and trendy designs have attracted women around the world. They are fascinated with their regular new arrivals, which made them buy more clothes and dresses. The quality of the dresses available on Insnova is excellent. 

The brand has stolen the heart of many women. Whether they want to go to a party or need casual wear, they look up to buying their dresses from Insnova. The dresses have been given a touch of art while designing. The dresses available are in many designs containing mountains, oceans, animals, etc. The festive collection is the best of Insnova creation. Pet lovers have adored their dresses.

Hence, it is worth buying dresses and accessories from Insnova.

Final Verdict:

Insnova, the women’s brand, deals with the latest and leading designs. The company is serving its customers worldwide with full zeal, giving them the taste of the trendy fashion they have always adored.

Insnova Website Reviews shed light on the experience of the cutomers who are delighted after buying their clothes and accessories through this website. The products available are soft and in good quality and can fit in your budget.

The goal of the company to bring its brand on the frontline is gradually getting achieved. They are providing its customers with the best of the experience that they could get. Besides, the company does not compromise with quality. 

They make sure that their products delivered are of the best quality. They also ensure their products to reach safely to its customers without compromising hygiene. The products to be delivered are sanitized before handling them to its customers. 

Hence, we recommend to visit the Insnova website and check its products available online. You would end-up buying your desired dresses and accessories from this top brand of the United States.  Please leave your comments at the end of our article!

13 thoughts on “Insnova Website Reviews (Feb 2021) Is Online Shopping Scam?

  1. This is complete garbage – Insnova is a fake / unreliable shop /and site. Try calling that customer service number – it’s disconnected. I ordered from them and not only do they not provide shipping information or tracking, but their customer service email isn’t actually staffed. I got no response and am calling my CC provider to cancel the charges. It’s a scam.

    1. I just tried getting ahold of them and unfortunately, Mary Sue, you’re right. One of their numbers, the 1 865 one is disconnected and the other one goes back to a Jeep dealer. No shipping or tracking, nothing, and now I have to cancel the credit charge. I learned my lesson on shopping on unknown sites. I’m reporting them to the bbb tomorrow.

  2. Insnova is a rip off! Don’t buy from them! It’s a waste of money. I never received my order or got my money backK!

    1. Agree. I did get my product but it was not what I ordered. I ordered an actual pair of jeans with creases in them and I got a thin pair of cotton pants with creases painted on them. I ordered 2 different pairs of jeans and got the same 2 pairs of thin cotton pants. Took 3 months to come in. This site is extremely expensive also for what I got. I will never order anything from them again. I do not recommend ordering anything from this company.

  3. Waste of money. Complete crap, pictures were sent proving the product was not correct and they still refused to issue a full refund. DO NOT waste your time or money here.

  4. I love insnova fashion they have on their web but not sure to order from some reviews I have read. Has anybody had any good experience and ordering from this company? Your help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    1. Sorry to say I had a bad experience also. product was nothing like the pics. Very cheap, not worth the money. The sizes are out to lunch. Ordered 4 smalls in the same sweater to do family pic, all 4 were of different size.
      Absolutely terrible. Please take warning before ordering from them.
      I will never again

    2. No! This company runs from China! Not the USA! (Geeze you can’t even trust site that say “an honest review!” ) What I have learned in the last month that this china company owns SEVERAL clothing websites and the reviews are the EXACT same! I was scammed $167 from their site “Zolucky.” If you look at both sites you’ll see many of the same clothes. What they do is steal pics from legitimate clothing sites and not only use them in THEIR clothing sites but they also blow up and print the pictures onto plain homemade clothes! Seriously! So you get blurry prints on the weirdest material I’ve ever felt! There are hundreds of chinese companies are stealing and selling these poor excuses for clothing, jewelry marked as sterling silver which are only plated, the list goes on and on! No one is doing anything about it!

  5. They are not answering my request to return. They guarantee satisfaction.
    The product is not made to fit well. Cheap workmanship. Don’t order from them.

  6. I tried to cancel my order SEVEN times through their “customer service” They only responded on a Wednesday with this email
    Dear buyer,


    Thank you for your email and we are sorry to hear that, haven’t you got our reply?


    Could you please tell us the reason why you want to cancel it and tell us the problem details, so that we can confirm and solve for you asap?


    As we are off work from Thu to Saturday, messages will be replied in 72 hours, hope you understand.
    Thank you for your kind understanding and patient.

    Sincerely sorry and looking forward to hearing from you.
    Best Regards,

    Notice it says they are closed Thursday through Saturday. They shipped the order on the Friday. DON’T order from this place. It will be a nightmare.


  7. I had a bad experience with this company as well so if you can avoid it please avoid it. Do not order from them they take too long they just gave me the runaround they wouldn’t give me a tracking number they wouldn’t give me a phone number went on and on and on. They lost my package twice and then they said that if I wanted to exchange or get a different style and I told him no I want my refund and then they’re like give partial of what you paid because we’re going to charge you for the shipping which is ridiculous because they lost my package twice. So if I were you do not order from them. Not unless you want to deal with the hassle.

  8. I ordered three tops from them-one looked completely different from what was pictured-one was a different print and only one was acceptable. I tried to contact them to return the latest top ordered but they never responded. Feel badly about stopping the cc payment so I guess I am out the money. Don’t buy from this company!!

    1. Hello Colleen Valentine

      Thank you for sharing your experience here and alerting other readers and us about this online site. This would help understand the working of this site. Thank you! Have a Safe Online Shopping!

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