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Instagram Not Allowing Multiple Photos {May} Read It!

Instagram Not Allowing Multiple Photos {May} Read It!>> If you want to know why you can’t add multiple photos on Instagram then read the article to know the details.

Instagram, one of the most popular social media websites used by millions of people to send or receive photos, messages, stories, posts. Among the 4.5 billion population of the world, 11% of this huge number uses Instagram daily. But recently, people from the United Kingdom and the United States are searching for Instagram Not Allowing Multiple Photos and asking for its solution on the internet. So today, we will make your problem resolved by providing the details about this query.

What is the multiple photos feature on Instagram?

Instagram used to be a platform where you could only add 1 picture at a time back then. At that time, people used to be very upset with sharing only one photo, But in 2017 Instagram added a new feature to it called the Carousel feature, which allowed its user to select and post multiple photos on its platform so that the post can gather more reach and get more likes.

Is Instagram Not Allowing Multiple Photos?

Recently, many people are complaining and searching for a bug that they have been facing with Instagram. That bug is spoiling their user experience with Instagram, and the bug is not being able to post multiple photos on Instagram. And this problem is faced by people recently. And mostly apple users are facing this issue. According to sources, people can see the ( select multiple ) buttons while selecting pictures to post. And people are forced to think about why Instagram Not Allowing Multiple Photos. But this isn’t the case Instagram has not removed this feature. You can still add multiple photos by following the below steps:

l First of all, be sure your Instagram application is up to date. And if not, download the latest update from the app store or play store.

l open Instagram and slide the main page to the left, and tap on ‘post.’

l If there is no (select multiple) buttons, just press and hold a picture or video you want, and now you can add multiple photos. To find out more information and a clear idea of the problem, check.

Conclusion :

 We provided you a full article on Instagram Not Allowing Multiple Photos and shared all its details and method to solve this issue in this article and would like to end this article. Please let us know if you have any details regarding this issue in the comment section. And please share your reviews about this article down below to help us grow.

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