News (Dec 2020) Grab Codes Now! (Dec 2020) Grab Codes Now! >> In this article, we are going to discuss a site that claims to be the safest place to earn online currency.  

Are you looking to earn free robux online? has advertised online that they can help you earn free robux with maximum safety.

Many gamers, especially from the Philippines, have searched for different free ways to earn Robux online. But many fake websites are offering you free Robux Dollars to fool you and get your credential. 

Many customers are very naïve to get rapped into the fake allegations showcased on the website, and it needs a technical sight to catch fraud. This report will help you with the technical aspect of deciding whether this website is safe or not. 

What is instarobux? is an online site that claims to be a robin hood in the world of fraudsters claiming to provide codes to earn free robux dollars.But the domain age of the website is not accessible. Hence, we cannot say if this website is in the online world for a long time or not.

Robux is an online game that helps you earn digital gift cards, vouchers and digital dollars so that you can spend them to shop online. All you need to do is watch some short videos or play your favourite game to earn some digital currency.

Is legit?

Roblox being the most popular game in the Philippines, there is no doubt that people always try to look for free R$ to earn. 

The greed of gamers turns out to be an excellent opportunity for scammers to lay their traps. You might have found many fake websites offering you free robux cash but once you would sign in to that website. The site has its social media accounts on Instagram and Twitter, but we could not detect much activity on the social media accounts. 

Since the site has not provided us with access to check the domain age, we cannot comment on the authenticity of the website. 

What is customer reviews about instarobux?

It is quite evident, and thousands of gamers love to play Roblox games and earn free robux. But when it comes to, we could not find much customer reviews for this website.

Due to the deficient activity on the social media accounts, the comments we could fount is gamers enquires further procedures to earn free robux.Many website reviewers state that the site seemed suspicious to them and hence it is not safe to trust this site.

Final Word: 

We understand that winning free digital currency can be exciting, but there is nothing in this entire world that’s free, every object has its risk of earning.

Hence we would request you to stay safe and beware before downloading from any suspicious link as these links contain malware that might infect your computer and allow hackers to steal your credential.We hope this report was helpful; please comment below and share your views on

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