International Parcel Service Scam {Jan 2021} Alert For Scam!

International Parcel Service Scam 2020

International Parcel Service Scam {Jan 2021} Alert For Scam! >> Did you come across a suspicious text message with a link? Read this article to know about scam.

Are you aware of the International Parcel Service Scam? Are you a victim of the scam? How can you get out of this scam?

With the latest parcel service scam going on, many people are scared to use the services, but is there any solution? 

Put your worries aside and read this article carefully as here we will give detailed information about the scam and what measures to take when you come across such scams.

New Zealand citizens and many more countries citizens are being bombarded by text messages by the scammers claiming they are the reputed UPS parcel company.

Let’s find out more about the scam!

What is the International Parcel Service Scam?

The scam has been using the many parcel companies names like UPS, an American multinational company specializing in logistics services. The company has issued a warning to all the customers not to fall for this new scam.

Indulging in the scam, the consumers may suffer a loss of money from their bank accounts; hence be alert.

The consumers of parcel services have increased amid the pandemic and lockdown; people from Australia and people worldwide have been using parcel services and ordering online, which has led to the increase of business for most of the parcel companies.

How does International Parcel Service Scam initiate?

The scammers drop a text to random people stating that a pending custom fee is left unpaid, and to receive the parcel; the fee has to be paid.

 With the message, they include a link that redirects the user to a page where necessary credentials must be filled to complete the payment.

Supposedly the user enters the asked credentials; the scammer tries to use your card details to steal your money. There are also chances if the user opens the link there are chances the link can get access to your phone data, including bank details.

How to be more alert about these scams?

After the International Parcel Service Scam, UPS had warned all the consumers not to fall with this scam, and if anyone received such messages, just forward them to the company.

The company has somewhat handled this scam to an extend, but the company can’t control everything; hence, consumers are being alerted.

With the Christmas season just around the corner, there has been a considerable demand for parcel services; there are chances for such scams to happen more. The people have to be smart enough to identify the scams as none of the parcel companies communicate via text for payments.


In our conclusion of the International Parcel Service Scam, we can suggest the readers be aware of such possible scams. Never open links or websites that direct you to some other page. 

The chances of leaking your necessary credentials are very high if any suspicious links are open; always refer to any company’s official website for details.

Comment your views on this parcel services scam in the comment section below.

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  1. I believe I am being scammed by this company. It is redirecting me to a website That asked me for $2.00 custom fees. I am expecting quite a few parcels so my first inclination was to fill in the credit card information. Then I decided for $2.00 it seemed unreal and cancelled it all. I deleted all my information without sending. My package was CA115045086. The tracking number is 160850417CA. These Scammers are even using your logo but changing the UPS to IPS. What a rip off at this time of year (or any time) Please help get rid of them.

  2. I received a text message but checked online fir the company and couldn’t find it. I then checked if it was a scam and found this.

  3. Hi I received a message saying I had to pay $2 for an undelivered parcel
    They wanted my Credit card details which I didn’t give them
    I am expecting a parcel from the UK so it was quite tempting to pay it
    Thanks for providing the above information
    It was obviously a scam

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