International Parcel Service Scam {Sep 2022} Alert For Scam!

International Parcel Service Scam 2020

International Parcel Service Scam {Sep 2022} Alert For Scam! >> Did you come across a suspicious text message with a link? Read this article to know about scam.

Are you aware of the International Parcel Service Scam? Are you a victim of the scam? How can you get out of this scam?

With the latest parcel service scam going on, many people are scared to use the services, but is there any solution? 

Put your worries aside and read this article carefully as here we will give detailed information about the scam and what measures to take when you come across such scams.

New Zealand citizens and many more countries citizens are being bombarded by text messages by the scammers claiming they are the reputed UPS parcel company.

Let’s find out more about the scam!

What is the International Parcel Service Scam?

The scam has been using the many parcel companies names like UPS, an American multinational company specializing in logistics services. The company has issued a warning to all the customers not to fall for this new scam.

Indulging in the scam, the consumers may suffer a loss of money from their bank accounts; hence be alert.

The consumers of parcel services have increased amid the pandemic and lockdown; people from Australia and people worldwide have been using parcel services and ordering online, which has led to the increase of business for most of the parcel companies.

How does International Parcel Service Scam initiate?

The scammers drop a text to random people stating that a pending custom fee is left unpaid, and to receive the parcel; the fee has to be paid.

 With the message, they include a link that redirects the user to a page where necessary credentials must be filled to complete the payment.

Supposedly the user enters the asked credentials; the scammer tries to use your card details to steal your money. There are also chances if the user opens the link there are chances the link can get access to your phone data, including bank details.

How to be more alert about these scams?

After the International Parcel Service Scam, UPS had warned all the consumers not to fall with this scam, and if anyone received such messages, just forward them to the company.

The company has somewhat handled this scam to an extend, but the company can’t control everything; hence, consumers are being alerted.

With the Christmas season just around the corner, there has been a considerable demand for parcel services; there are chances for such scams to happen more. The people have to be smart enough to identify the scams as none of the parcel companies communicate via text for payments.


In our conclusion of the International Parcel Service Scam, we can suggest the readers be aware of such possible scams. Never open links or websites that direct you to some other page. 

The chances of leaking your necessary credentials are very high if any suspicious links are open; always refer to any company’s official website for details.

Comment your views on this parcel services scam in the comment section below.


  1. I believe I am being scammed by this company. It is redirecting me to a website That asked me for $2.00 custom fees. I am expecting quite a few parcels so my first inclination was to fill in the credit card information. Then I decided for $2.00 it seemed unreal and cancelled it all. I deleted all my information without sending. My package was CA115045086. The tracking number is 160850417CA. These Scammers are even using your logo but changing the UPS to IPS. What a rip off at this time of year (or any time) Please help get rid of them.

    1. Hi. I tried to enter 2 of my card. May i know is there any issue for my card? Coz both of them can’t get through. May i know if i should do anything further?

    2. i DID get a text message for paying duty fee of 2$ coming from # 1-346 2000239 .
      the website on the 11 of february 11:40 .
      I could not contact them because the url is not valid but I have answered the questions about delivery but I could not get the pge for the details and payment.
      This scam must have been disable .Luckily I got this message via Google .
      when you do not know the practices of companies,it is easy to be caught “I was not Thanks God !I guess I would have been
      I will be more cautious and Alert now .
      I hope the info I give you will be of any help to dismantle these scammers

    3. It happened to me today I did research before filling out the form to pay 2 dollars to get my package
      Thanks God I found this link

  2. I received a text message but checked online fir the company and couldn’t find it. I then checked if it was a scam and found this.

  3. Hi I received a message saying I had to pay $2 for an undelivered parcel
    They wanted my Credit card details which I didn’t give them
    I am expecting a parcel from the UK so it was quite tempting to pay it
    Thanks for providing the above information
    It was obviously a scam

  4. Hi just had a. Text saying to pay for. Custom fees. Which I’m am expecting but I looked up my track details and they don’t match My orders and I looked up. The name. And can’t find it. The text came from this number 07547870366 I almost paid it but. It’s just as well I looked. It up first. Thank you

  5. I have received a text from International Parcel Service requesting payment of $3.00 for unpaid Customs fees.
    Good to find the scam information here.

  6. Scam for sure.
    I got a text message to track my order. There was a custom fee of 3$. I’m expecting something from the US so the custom fee made sense.
    They ask you if you want delivery or pick-up, then switch from timing the deliveries. The last part they ask for your information and they sell you something…. that what made me think it’s a scam.

  7. Hey , there’s a guy from liverpool wants to be my lover taking sweet to me since few days and has sent a package for me loaded with gifts , a mobile & some cash . He has sent me reciept of that too & now forcing me to recieve the parcel and pay ₹36000/- custom charges . I guess it is the same SCAM!

    1. I av received a text saying I av to pay £1.50 asking my name address and were do I want Parcel left home or work

  8. I received this SMS from “Lena”: Ha uma atualizacao no estado da sua encomenda. Veja-a agora –

    The link goes to the page:

    International Parcel Service


    Tem (1) pacote pendente para entrega. Use o seu código para o rastrear e receber.

    O seu código de rastreio
    Siga a sua encomenda
    © International Parcel Service

  9. Just like the two posts above, I received a text on Feb 10, 2021- saying a package that I had ordered was being held in customs and needed to pay a $2.00 fee. I was expecting a book (that may have originated in the States) so I filled out the info required but when I got to the payment section there was something about it that didn’t seem quite right so I didn’t add my credit card info. After looking up the “IPS” logo I came across this. I’m so glad I listened to my gut and checked into it.

  10. I had the same scam as noted above. I’m also expecting some packages to come in so I took a look, and when I asked to pick up at the “depot”, it said I couldn’t because it was already there. So of course, that raised my suspicions. Then I looked at the order number they provided me and it was just CA1 and then my phone number. Sad.

  11. As previous replies – I was expecting a parcel and with the Brexit changes wasn’t surprised to receive request for £1.60 ‘customs duty’ – fortunately I waited until I could check on my laptop with the company I was expecting to deliver – Definitely still operating in February 2021!

  12. Ola, a sua encomenda parou no nosso centro de envio. Por favor, siga as instrucoes aqui:

    Clicked the link but than I search online and found this.

  13. filled out address info then thought about the fee checked IPS only delivers to Canadian tire they have been swamped with calls ended up just deleting text

  14. Just got a text, didn’t say from who but I clicked the link and they changed the ups logo to IPS and were asking for $2 because “my package is being held in customs and I need to arrange a delivery” I currently have two packages coming from the US, I googled IPS thinking it was a scam and yep! Good thing I wasn’t going to give them my credit card anyway.

  15. Thanks guys for the write up on this SCAM!!!
    Yea I was waiting for a few parcels, and couple got delayed at the border so I thought it was legit.
    Then checked for IPS. If it’s part of UPS. And did not find it.
    Then came across this write up!!
    K. From Canada.

  16. Yes same again Initially they wanted 2€ then on the ‘pay’ page it suddenly became 10€…Happily didn’t fall for it..

    BEWARE everyone…

  17. We have had weeks of delays on a new machine for our production line. Today we were informed it was at the boarder. This scam came through this afternoon and almost got me!

  18. I just got the same text thing.. I clicked the , it didn’t ask me my credit info but did ask me to schedule delivery and $2 charges. They schedule the delivery for feb 22,2021 . And ask to pay that time.. I was asked me husband if he sent something but he said it was scam which I didn’t know.. I don’t what’s going to happen but please be careful

  19. I’ve received two emails and a text, never heard of IPS before so I googled it and it brought me to this page. I’m glad I went with my gut and didn’t just pay. There are so many scams out there, there is a special place in hell for these scum because an actual person with a beating heart would not steal another person’s hard earned money! Don’t let your guard down evil low lifes are out there and if we keep our barriers up we will keep them out of our wallets.

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  21. jut got the tex ..looked it up cause it sounded funny IPS lol..messaged them told them to stick there2$ up thy a$$..

  22. same IPS message as comments above …..received as text msg saying IPS asking for a 2 dollars from phone number coming from California …209.266.4669

  23. 209-813-1895 just sent IPS custom fee scam to me…. glad I second guessed myself as didn’t know nor want to give them my payment info as seemed spooky to me that weren’t just collecting upon delivery even if 2$ and expecting packages…. makes me wonder as I know most online services aren’t that secure anyways I’ve learned. Just glad didn’t fall for it, though did click on it and entered my address which thought was weird why again. So hopefully my lack of smarts with doing that doesn’t bite me in ass (cuz can just imagine robbers dressed as delivery drivers walking into apartment building now:( Boo cuz I don’t have much and what I do is from hard work!
    Stat safe y’all. I’m not clicking on anything more and gonna contact virgin as been getting many weird text lately which I just erase not click as clearly scammers, just makes me nervous that my phone is being targeted the last few months since shopping online ok peace

  24. Hey Kmj
    The parcel is held in customs central . Follow the instructions to get the parcel :
    This is the text i received earlier today, it’s the 4th or 5th text I’ve received from these POS’s! I never give them my info but it is very annoying. Low life scum trying to steal our hard earned money!

  25. Got the same message everyone else got in the reviews, got scared because they mentioned my name!!! I don’t know where they got this information from.

  26. Also got one of these texts.

    Number they used was 1-365-651-2305.

    Weblink was

    Google only really brings this page up about this.. with a lot of choicey wording. Any initial look of just “international package service”, even with “scam” in query didn’t work. I forget the winning combo of words.

    This.. should be much easier for people to find. It’s important to watch for scams like these.

  27. I have gotten two one for IPS Wanting $2 for duties
    Then one for a package from bestbuy. I did have a order with Bestbuy.i almost fell for this one but I didn’t understand why they didn’t leave me a not in my mail box
    Like they had before went in they pointed out it didn’t sat it only said BestBuy
    Just remember all companies will leave something in your mailbox telling you where to pick up your package

  28. I received the message just moments ago. I figured it was a SCAM from the beginning. I have seen other information on the internet regarding a company with that same name, and they appear to be scammers as well. They don’t deliver parcels or hold your packages ‘hostage’ and demand more money after picking them up.

    Thank you for the information.

    1. Hi LBS, yes your opinion is absolutely correct and valid. Thank you for raising and alarm. Stay safe.

  29. i received the message telling me that i have a package waiting for me to pay the 2€ for duties. at th beggining of the month i ordered a lot of stuff from amazon, and since i am new to the new fees, i fell for it and payed with my card. turns out, they took 5€ from it! Right now i’m scared that they’ll keep my card info. i really am scared and don’t know what to do! someone please help me…

  30. i received the message telling me that i have a package waiting for me to pay the 2€ for duties. at th beggining of the month i ordered a lot of stuff from amazon, and since i am new to the new fees, i fell for it and payed with my card. turns out, they took 5€ from it! Right now i’m scared that they’ll keep my card info. i really am scared and don’t know what to do! someone please help me….

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