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Inwood Car Accident {Aug} Read Heartbreaking News Here!

This articleInwood Car Accident,” will give you complete detail about the recent accident in Inwood.

Are you looking for details on the recent accident in Inwood? Two individuals were killed, and many more were injured in two car accidents on Wednesday in Inwood, New York, United States where one vehicle ended up on the sidewalk. 

At West 207th Street and Sherman Avenue, the vehicles collided directly. The force of the hit pushed a Subaru onto the sidewalk. Two days after, New York City said speed cameras reduce traffic fatalities. Read below to learn about the Inwood Car Accident.

What exactly happened?

Joel Adams, 31, of Manhattan, and David Fernandez, 40, of the Bronx, were killed when a BMW travelling north on Sherman Avenue collided with a Subaru travelling south. The Subaru struck two parked cars before hitting the two men. 

Adams was transferred to Allen Pavillion Hospital, while Fernandez was taken to Harlem Hospital. The two-vehicle drivers stayed there, according to the officials. Police disclosed neither the names of the drivers nor the fact that either had been detained for the fatalities. For more details, read below.

 Inwood Car Crash: What their Family has Said?

According to family members, Fernando was a cherished neighborhood presence who was excited to celebrate his daughter’s second birthday. In addition, they characterized Fernando as a family barber who enjoyed dancing and was affectionately referred to as “David la salsa.”

Food deliveryman Adames has just had his hair cut. Based on family members. According to CCTV footage, a car appeared to have swiftly ignored a red light at a crossroads. Locals claimed speeding had been a problem on this stretch of road for a long time. Police are still looking into the matter. So far, there have been no complaints.

Inwood Car Crash

According to authorities with the city’s traffic fatality initiative, 184 pedestrians died on city streets in 2013; however, that number is expected to drop to 94 by 2020. Last year, with 125 pedestrian deaths, road fatalities rose to their highest level in ten years. However, by 2021, They had reduced traffic-related severe injuries and fatalities in New York City by 70. As a result, Mr. de Blasio introduced Vision Zero in 2014. 

Vision Zero has been working to reduce the number of fatalities on municipal streets through a network of organizations and projects, such as automated speed cameras. We tried we collect every detail on Inwood Car Accident in order to provide everyone with relevant facts about the mishappening.

Final thoughts 

Our investigation revealed that on Wednesday, in two car incidents in Inwood, New York, a vehicle wound up on the sidewalk, resulting in two people’s deaths and many more injuries. Adams was brought to Allen Pavillion Hospital on Wednesday at around 4 am, while Fernandez was sent to Harlem Hospital. 

Police are still conducting an investigation. There haven’t been any complaints as of yet. For more information on New York City, click here.

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