Website Reviews Scam {Sept} – Is It a Fake Scam or Legit? Scam Scam {Sept} – Is It a Fake Scam or Legit? -> See if a newsletter gives you a chance to win iPhone 11 pro at no-cost! Have you also received a newsletter to win a brand-new iPhone at the lowest prices? Well, you need some guidance to access the opportunity securely!

While looking out for topics to assist you in today’s technology world, we find a news “ Scam” in which the company is promoting its new launch iPhone 11 Pro for Free. Yes, FREE! Can you believe it that 999 dollars phone can be in our hands without spending a cent? Many citizens of Canada are signing up for the newsletter and giving their details in the hope of receiving an expensive phone. 

Several years ago, scammers around the world created such a newsletter to feature subscription for the victims. To find another big newsletter that looks fraud is not a big of an issue. 

The site states that by subscribing and reviewing iPhone 11, you get easy access to the winner’s list. We are fragmenting every hidden danger for you to check the legitimacy of such websites in the future. 

Is a scam?

Before starting with our elaborated section, we think it is a much-awaited section for you. We think Iphonereviewers is a fraud because the company uses click-bait technologically to entice you to give them personal details.

 You may or may not know that your every small information is worth hundreds of dollars for many other companies. Besides, you need to submit your credit card details to pay one dollar. It is again a con-trick to access your bank details.  

After submitting your personal and bank details, the company will send you a survey to review iPhone 11 pro. However, you should note that it posts imitations on your Facebook wall without your acknowledgment.

This way, your friends and family members will also submit their details with the company. In return, the company sells your essential information to scamming enterprises that make them a millionaire in no-time.  To fin out more about the Iphonereviewers.comScam read the post til end. 

What is

Iphonereviewers is a website that sends newsletters and subscription requests to potential victims like you. It initially asks you a valid email ID to submit a form or survey alongside a link where you fill your information.

The domain is a new launch and does not possess any site security measures. This way, even your browsing history, and system’s caches are unsecure. To get an iPhone 11 pro for free, you need to subscribe to them first. 

Whether you believe it or not, but Apple never gives away iPhones to free ever. It is because every iPhone cost hundreds and thousands of dollars. By giving them away for free can occur colossal loss for the company. By subscribing to such scammed newsletters, you not only danger yourself but hundreds of other potential victims.  

Specifications of Iphonereviewers:

  • Website type: iPhone give away
  • URL:
  • Email address: 
  • Company address: Not Found
  • Mode of business: Through Subscriptions 

Pros of

  • Lucrative and money-saving deals
  • Easy access to contest
  • A timer is provided on the website

Cons of

  • Many adverse claims of it being fake
  • No medium to inquire about the winner’s list
  • Bogus website layout

How to check iPhone give away scams?

The first thing to note is the URL. If it contains a full-fledged domain, it should take you to a home page instead of exclusive news. Then, check whether or not the company posts anything on your Facebook without your permission. 

Never browse news that state a particular company has some loopholes. Because even if there are some ambiguity, the company tackles it precisely without informing you. Whether there are flaws or not, the scammers use such words to capture innocent market to fool you. 

Victim Reviews:

Many victims of state that they are receiving the unnecessary newsletter daily. Some have claimed it to be entirely fake and takes their personal information to sell. 

The most negative feedback is that the company con-tricks customers with unauthorized credit card transactions. Instead of receiving a brand-new phone, the users are charged massive amounts to subscribe without their knowledge. 

Final Words:

The company does not share any background information about the newsletter or contest. Every hidden danger is elaborated in this article. is a big scam and sells your details to earn thousands of dollars. Please beware of such newsletters and report them on time. 

Please share your experience with us or rebuke such domains for saving others! The decision is yours.

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