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Is Alpha Game Shop Legit (Feb) Read Authentic Reviews!

The website’s write-up shares necessary pros, cons, features, and reviews to check Is Alpha Game Shop Legit or not. So, scroll down and read more about it.

People love to play games, and there are varieties of modes that have been launched for easy accessibility to games. We have come up with a review of an online website that sells different games and electronics and has partnered with the big brands.

People in the United States are very excited as half of the population is addicted to gaming, and they keep looking for newer opportunities to play games. To know more, visit Is Alpha Game Shop Legit section.

Is Alpha Game Shop an authentic e-commerce site?

Alpha Game Shop has come up as a boon to gaming maniacs as it sells various kinds of gaming equipment and electronics. The website promises to sell the equipment at a lower rate than what is available in the market. The website’s authenticity has not been proved yet, and to clear the doubts, few points must be looked upon to know more about the website’s products.

  • Domain age- The domain age of the website is 21/12/2020.
  • Trust score- The trust score of the website is 1%, which is very poor.
  • Reviews- No Alpha Game Shop Reviews mentions it to be an authentic website.
  • Alexa rank- No Alexa rank is present anywhere on the website.
  • Plagiarised content- Some plagiarised content can be seen relating to the products.
  • Address originality- The address authenticity cannot be confirmed. 
  • Social media icons- Social media icons present on the website are inactive, so we cannot find any reviews.
  • Unrealistic discounts- Unrealistic discounts are present.

The website is not authentic as per the details gathered online, and it is very skeptical. The information provided on the website about the products cannot be trusted, and also to know more, visit Is Alpha Game Shop Legit section.

About Alpha Game Shop

The Alpha Game Shop brings various kinds of gaming equipment and accessories and operates in many different industries such as video games and electronics. The website also focuses on implementing new ideas which are innovative and inventive. The products sold by the website are the Xbox series, Play station 5 and other gaming accessories. The website sells branded products at a discounted price and also deals with various kinds of products.

Specifications of the website

  • Domain age– The domain age of the website is 21/12/2020
  • URL- https://www.alphagamesshop.com
  • Social media icons-No social media shows Is Alpha Game Shop Legit or a scam.
  • Category- Gaming equipment and accessories.
  • Email- info@alphagamesshop.com
  • Address- 64 8th Ave. Milpitas, CA 95035
  • Return policy- 365 days return policy mentioned on the website.
  • Refund policy- Unavailable
  • Exchange policy- Unavailable on the website
  • Shipping and delivery policy- Free delivery worldwide from $27.
  • Payment modes- VISA, MasterCard

Pros of the website

  • The website sells various gaming accessories and equipment, especially for the gaming maniacs.
  • The products sold are at a reasonable price and can be bought easily as per the details mentioned on the website.

Cons based on Is Alpha Game Shop Legit or scam

  • The website’s trust score is very low, which shows that the website is not genuine and the products sold may not be authentic.
  • The website shows 365 days of easy return that is very unusual as no company provides 365 days return policy.
  • The website shows 100k items available which again is hard to trust as the website seems illegitimate.

Customer Reviews

The information collected from the website shows that the product is not authentic and the information present is not original. People from the United States and other parts of the world have not given any Alpha Game Shop Reviews. 

The testimonials present on the website do not seem to be true to their words and are created to cheat the buyers. The buyers must maintain proper discretion before buying anything from the website. To know more about the scams, do read Everything You Should Know About PayPal Scam.


The website for game accessory shows that it is fake and should not be trusted blindly. The information provided on the website regarding the address details and the contact details are not authentic and needs to be checked properly and also, to know more information about the website, visit Is Alpha Game Shop Legit section. The buyers must read Everything You Should Know About Credit Card Scam. Please comment below.

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