Is Among Us Coming to Switch {Dec} Check For Big Bang!

Is Among Us Coming to Switch 2020.

Is Among Us Coming to Switch {Dec} Check For Big Bang! >> A fascinating cross-play between two giants of the gaming industry, read the article to know more!

Is Among Us Coming to Switch? Is it possible for the most popular game of 2020 and the oldest gaming console to join forces? 

Imagination transports you to another world, but the fantasy of Among Us and Nintendo switch is coming true!

So all the players and fans, buckle up your seat belts as we will be taking you on a ride discussing this fantastic cross-play between Among Us and Nintendo!

The fans from the United States are excited about this crossover among the most loved game of 2020 and the first-ever gaming console of the gaming industry.

So let’s continue and know some more details about this exciting news!

Is Among Us Coming to Switch?

As we all know that Among Us saved 2020 by being the most popular game during this on-going pandemic. When people were stuck in their houses, this game was their pastime. The game revolves around a group of players solving a murder mystery in a spaceship.

While Nintendo being the gaming industry’s first gaming console was a classic and a dream for every teenager back then.

The news of these two joining forces broke out in Nintendo’s latest Indie showcase; the event consists of possible collaboration with other small companies. And as we save the best for last, Nintendo waited till the end to share this news in the showcase.

More about Is Among Us Coming to Switch

After Among Us took home the award of the best multiplayer game of the year from the game awards, netizens thought that there is a possibly new thing coming up for Among Us. Among Us looking at the game’s popularity, even paused their planned sequel called Among Us 2.

The cross-play between Nintendo and Among Us is one of the new upcoming things in store for the game.

So what is so special about this collaboration? How the world will react to the collaboration? Will it be worth for gamers?

Let’s find out!

What is the catch here?

Is Among Us Coming to Switch is a bit more clear now.

Well, as we know, Among Us can only be played on a mobile device. With this cross-play, fans will be able to comfortably on a Nintendo Switch with a bigger view.

The catch here is that Nintendo’s switch is the perfect fit for the game; the players will get a better experience in the game. 

Among Us has even more cross plays that will be disclosed soon by the official gaming website, and also, a possible new map is on the way! 

Among Us is a free game, but to play on Nintendo Switch, it costs 5$ to purchase it.


Is Among Us Coming to Switch is a piece of confirmed news by both parties, thus creating excitement between fans. This is excellent news for the fans that we’re searching for something new to release in the game.

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