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Is Apple Support Advisor Scam [Oct] Get Deep Information!

Is Apple Support Advisor Scam [Oct] Get Deep Information! >>Ever received a scammed call on iPhone via a fake support advisor? A must-read post to gain some insights

Apple has warned its users not to take the calls from Apple unless they have requested it using Apple’s online support page. 

Spoofed calls have increased in the last few years even in the United States, and scammer tries to access Apple iCloud accounts of the users. 

How displaying the logo of the Apple, its address, and correct contact number lay hold of you? This is what you need to know in our Is Apple Support Advisor Scam review.  

Is Apple Support Advisor Scam 

The calls you receive are as same countless phishing emails you receive in your inbox. Calls are more successful phishing as most people still are not aware and expect voice to be used in phishing.

The scammers use employer caller-Id spoofing techniques and imitate the actual phone number of the service they’re using to gain the victim’s trust.

Scammer spoof that number and displays Apple’s logo, hoping that the person who answers the call would be less suspicious, and they could easily trick that person. According to the report, if an iPhone customer requests a call back from a legitimate customer support, the hoax call gets indexed in the iPhone’s latest list of calls as a fair call from the support line of Apple.

The latest calls have automated messages informing the users to call a number that imitates as a fair number from Apple’s customer support with clear welcome messages.

Sometimes, the recipient will be asked to press 1 to get in touch with the support advisor. In all these cases, your data would be spun, and you’ll be asked to confirm the details of your iCloud account. 

 So, what will you think about Is Apple Support Advisor Scam or you have fall prey to a scammer?

What Apple has to say?

The Apple support receives regular tweets from iPhone users who received such scam calls who want to know if it was a real or fake call.  Apple’s response is always the same, “Your security is our to-most priority. You can read more details about bogus calls and learn how to report them via reading this article in the following link”. 

If you click that link, it will take you to the post entitled, “Avoid fake virus alerts, phony support calls, phishing emails, and other scams, which has a section guiding the users regarding bogus telephonic calls.  Apple always suggests users identify the caller before providing any private and essential information. However, the advice seems logical it’s harder to follow in practice. 

Due to technological advancement, scammers are using new tactics to convince recipients worldwide, especially in the United States, that they are genuine. Caller-Id spoofing has already made it impossible to separate legit call from a bogus call.  In a nutshell, we can say that Apple would never ask for your iCloud credentials, Apple ID password, or any verification code.

Talking about any verification codes, apple highly recommends users to activate two-step-authentication as an additional protective layer of security to protect your account form Spammers.

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0 thoughts on “Is Apple Support Advisor Scam [Oct] Get Deep Information!

  1. I answered because they called about 15 times I didnt give them any information I kind of yelled at them for calling so much He finally hung up do I have anything to worry about

  2. I answered the call after they called about 15 times I kind of yelled at them for calling so much he finnaly hung up I didnt guive them any information Do I have anything to worry about?

  3. i received 9 calls in 25 min while i was making dinner. i used our house phone to return the call 315-232-8257.
    Got a computer message phone being locked due to a scam and the original call did not come from this number.
    all very very fishy!!! i never talked to a person all computer messages

  4. From 1:16 pm until 4:51 pm today, I received a total of 7 calls all from different numbers. The message was they strongly advise to speak with an Apple support advisor before using my Apple devices.

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