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Is Ashnte Legit (Aug 2021) Consider The Reviews Below!

Is Ashnte Legit (Aug 2021) Consider The Reviews Below! >> This article contains the essential factors for checking the site’s legitimacy and also purchasing from the site is safe or not.

The number of online customers are increasing day by day. People are more interested in today’s time to shop from online sites. Also, online websites gain more attention. There are different types of websites that sell a particular kind of product. But, today we will talk about a website which offers various kinds of products. 

The population from the United States is eager to know about Ashnte. So, today through our article, you will get to know about this site. But, here we need to know Is Ashnte Legit. So, keep on reading the article.

Is AshnteLegit Or Scam

  • Website Registration date – Ashnte registered on 23 July 2021. So, it is a new website and hence trusting this site can be dangerous.
  • Trust  Score – The website has only a 1% trust index score.
  • Ranking –This website doesn’t have any ranking.
  • Customer Review- Thereis no single customer review of this site.
  • Policy- The website’s policy seems fine.
  • Plagiarized Content- Their content also seems to be copied from another site.
  • Official Address- Their physical address is not valid and seems to be a fake one.
  • Social Media – We were unable to find their social media accounts while checking Ashnte Reviews.
  • Owner Details- The is no information available regarding their owner identity or their brand.
  • Product Discount-  No discountsare available on their products.

So, up to this far, we have found out that this website is missing those points, which makes a website legit. But, you still need to ensure, and we have to verify other points as well. So,keep on reading the article further.

About Site

Ashnte is an only company that offers different products like Dresses, Bottoms, Guitars, Musical Instruments, Shoes, and Tops.Their price also seems quite reasonable. But, you still have to be careful before buying it. So, you need to make sure Is Ashnte Legit.

So, before buying from any kind of website, you need to check all the details and features of that website. So, now we will discuss about the specifications of this website which will give you a clear view of this website. 


  • Website Registration Date – The website was launched on 23rd July 2021.
  • Url of the Website – https://www.ashnte.com/
  • Products Offered-  Products they offer are Dresses, Tops, Bottoms, Guitars, and Musical Instruments.
  • Email Id- You can find them at ashnte@outlook.com
  • Phone Number – website hasn’t mentioned its phone number, which makes it even more suspicious and raises the question Is Ashnte Legit.
  • Company’s Physical Address- Their office address is available, but it seems very fake as they have only mentioned a street address.
  • Return Policy-Products have to be returned within 30 days after receiving.
  • Exchange Policy- Products can be exchanged.
  • Refund Policy- Paypal payment will be returned within 48 hours, and credit card payment will be refunded within 7 – 14 working days.
  • Shipping time – The products are shipped within 1- 3 working days.
  • Company’s Social Media – when checking Is Ashnte Legit we found that the site is Absent on social media. 
  • Payment Method –This website accepts Visa, Pay Pal, Master Card, and Amex.


  • The website is secured by HTTPS protocol also they assures the secure payments.
  • Email address name matches the domain name.


  • There is no customer review of this website.
  • The website hasn’t mentioned its proper contact details.
  • The site has a below-average trust score.
  • Absence of social media account.

Ashnte Reviews

According to research the website has Paypal as their mode of payment. So be careful of Paypal Scam.

So, after doing a thorough research, we have foundout that there is not even a one customer review available, they don’t have social media accounts, and they haven’t mentioned their full contact details or their genuine contact details. So, it would help if you were careful before shopping from this site.


So, all these above points indicate that the website is very doubtful and hence it is a scam. It doesn’t have any reviews, and its social media presence doesn’t exist, which are the most important factors for judging a website. And the website is also very new. 

So, it cannot be trusted easily. So, our conclusion Is Ashnte Legit is, this website is surely scam.  Also, if you have any views regarding our article, then share your comment below and also know How to Get a Refund to Credit Card.

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