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Is Bad Juju Mask Legit (Dec) Read Reviews Before Order!

Bad Juju Mask Reviews 2020

Is Bad Juju Mask Legit (Dec) Read Reviews Before Order! >> This article is all about the customize masks selling by a website, and we found out the product’s legitimacy by exploring its reviews.

Is Bad Juju Mask Legit: During this pandemic, people have learnt new habits and started giving preferences to the hygienic lifestyle. The only practical way to take care of ourselves is prevention, wherein you can regularly wash your hands, maintain social distancing, and, most notably, wear a mask. You can purchase a face mask from any store in the United States.

Besides simple masks, they are old fashion and made in boring colors. Nowadays, people are looking for some trendy and protective face masks that can suit their personalities. Here is a website that sells customized face masks. 

Further, wearing customized and colorful masks spread positivity in the masses. Also, they adopt them quickly to wear rather than bland medical masks. But the question is these customize face masks are legit or not. Let us find its answer by getting into Bad Juju Mask Reviews.

Is Bad Juju Mask Legit?

On analysis of the product’s website, we found that the website domain is eight months old and deals in masks as its offerings. Further, on more research, we get that it has its social media accounts on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. Also, people can access their newsletter for regular updates of new products.

Furthermore, it has its email server to solve customer queries, and people who used its masks are giving a positive response to its quality and services. Besides this, these masks are also available on the renowned E-commerce websites. 

After considering the above factors, we answer the question, Is Bad Juju Mask Legit? And the answer is that it is legit. 

What is Bad Juju Mask?

Bad Juju Mask is a hand-made customized face masks. The masks are made up of 100 percent cotton fabrics, and people can customize them. People can write slogans on it for customization, draw their art or whatsoever in their mind. Besides it, this mask has been gaining massive popularity in the United States.

Furthermore, the Bad Juju community is dedicated to health protection, so from this site, you can donate mask to any health worker or needed person. So, be ready to take care of others and yours by using this Bad Juju Mask. But, firstly we have to fetch the product information through this post on Is Bad Juju Mask Legit?

Specifications of Bad Juju Mask

  • Product Info: There are various masks available on the website like Solid color masks, Customize face masks, Leopard & Pink facemask, Sequin Customize, Customize filter masks, and many more colorful options available on the website. But, we will discuss the solid Color Face mask as all products have similar specifications.
  • Color: The color options for the solid color mask are black, White, Red, Blue, Green, purple, hot pink, Light Pink, brown, gray, olive green, Copper, and Yellow. You can opt for any color. Let us get more knowledge about its fabrics by expanding this post on – Is Bad Juju Mask Legit.
  • Fabrics: They are made of 100 percent cotton fabric.
  • Layers: The layers of fabrics are three, and they are enough for your protection from airborne diseases. 
  • Price: The price of all masks are different as they are customized masks. It mostly ranges between $16 to USD 40.
  • Elastic Cord: It has an elastic cord with a lock, and the size is 2MM.
  • Filter: Solid Color face mask has a nonwoven Polypropylene filter of 42 gsm.

Pros of Bad Juju Masks

  • They are washable and reusable masks. You can reuse them and save your money.
  • Made from cotton fabrics and are fashionable masks.
  • You can customize them according to your demand and pattern.
  • Different color options are available for every mask.

Cons of Bad Juju Masks

  • They are not N-95 masks and suggested by any medical authority.
  • We were unable to find its efficiency certificates.

Bad Juju Mask Reviews from Customers

 On exploration, we found a positive response from its past users on the internet. Futher, they are happy with its quality and services. Also, people recommend this mask to others, and they say after wearing those masks, they get compliments, and people asked about it for purchasing them. 

Final Verdict

To get the answer to the legitimacy of the product, we explored the website and its mask reviews, and we found that website’s products or masks are authentic. Also, people love these masks and recommend them to others, but, still we recommend you to explore the site and product’s customer reviews, entirely for the positive outcome.

For more queries, please contact us via the comments section of this post- Is Bad Juju Mask Legit?

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