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Is Binnng com Legit {Oct} – Review It Today For Help!


Is Binnng com Legit {Oct} – Review It Today For Help! -> The article is about a webstore that sells Gift and home-use items.

Are you an online shopper and looking for new webshops to buy? Today several websites are coming up that offer variety of products like gift items and other home use things. It is essential to know about their authenticity before shopping on such e-stores. One of them is which got created only a few months back. Thus, we are here to provide you with all details to know, Is Binnng com Legit store or not?

We will guide you towards a spam-free shopping by giving you a detailed report on this webstore that sells various items. Hence, we advise you to read this entire post to get every detail about this webstore. The webstore belongs to the United States and sells home use as well as gift items. There are many websites on the web today that sell such things, but we should try getting information about them first and then shop for any product. 

Is Binnng com Legitimate?

On researching the webstore, we found that it is hardly four months old and relatively unpopular. When we checked Binnng com Reviews on the internet, there were hardly any available you read. The website has a very low Alexa ranking and is unknown among people. It also has some links with a fraudulent country that is known for corruption and scams. Thus, making this website a suspicious one. 

There is no presence found on social media websites Instagram, Twitter, etc. Apart from that, no reviews are available on leading review sites and hence can be called an unreliable site. The owner is also hiding a lot of details and therefore looks suspicious. If people ask, Is Binnng com Legit or a scam, we can say that it is a possible scam site. That is proven by the highly low trust score on scam-checking sites.

Know about

The webstore that got launched only four months back sells various products like gift items for Christmas, and home use products too. The prices are low and do not charge shipping above $39. They take around 12 to 20 days with standard shipping and approximately 7 to 12 days with express shipping. The returns are acceptable within 14 days, and refunds are made only after approval of the returned products. 

You can purchase products using payment modes like PayPal, Credit, and Debit cards. There is no address available for the webstore from the United States. However, the email address is present on the site for making any query to the owners. 


  • Website Type – Online shop of Gift and home-use items
  • Website Country –  
  • Shipping charges – Nil above $39
  • Returns – Accepted within 14 days
  • Contact Address – Not available
  • Phone number – Not available
  • Email id –
  • Payment mode – PayPal, Credit, and Debit cards
  • Social media links – None available

Positive Features of

  • The webstore has a big range of products available for the buyers.
  • The returns are taken back within 14 days. 

Negative Features of

  • The website is a young site and unknown among users.
  • There are no Binnng com Reviews available on the internet. 
  • No contact address and phone number is available for the buyers to contact. 
  • There is nil social media association available. 

What do People Talk about

On researching, we did not get any customer feedback for the website. People may doubt such a site and ask, Is Binnng com Legit or a scam? Our answer would be, it is undoubtedly a suspicious site which has nil reviews available on the web. People hardly know about this webstore, and there is nil customer strength present. 

No one knows them on social media as well, and we found nil feedback on famous review sites too. Such a webstore cannot be considered a legit one, and people do not purchase anything from such stores. They doubt its authenticity and ask others, Is Binnng com Legit or not? The answer is simple; it is an unreliable webstore and looks like a possible scam. 

The Conclusion 

We analyzed the webstore well and found various flaws and drawbacks. It has hidden its details and is not at all transparent with its buyers. We cannot call such a store as trustworthy, and people do not shop at such stores for their needs. 

We recommend you to be cautious while shopping online and avoid such web stores that look illegitimate. Fulfil your needs by purchasing products from authentic stores that are legitimate and proven genuine. 

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