Is Blackprosale Legit (Dec) Let Us Read Reviews Here!

Is Blackprosale Legit 2020

Is Blackprosale Legit (Dec) Let Us Read Reviews Here! >> This post will help you elucidate your doubts regarding the e-store that offers power tools and accessories.

If you are searching for an online power tools store, we advise you to check out this post because today, we will expose one of the e-stores that sell power tools and related accessories.

 As everyone knows, online sites are the stress-free way to shop because it provides you the comfort to shop from anywhere you want, but it has several drawbacks as well. Likewise, it is our responsibility to protect you from its disadvantages and provide you legit information.

We have found one United States-based online site called Blackprosale. People are debating over its legitimacy, so we have decided to end this debt with the clear judgment, so for this reason, we will do in-depth research regarding the store and will tell you is Blackprosale Scam or legit. If you are interested and wanted to know about it, then please keep reading. 

Is Blackprosale Legit?

Blackprosale is the power tool and accessories store containing a wide variety of power tools like multi-cutter, screw-driver, drill, leak detectors, etc. The store is offering everything at the best competent prices. In addition to it, the site is only twelve days old and has gained less popularity. 

Along with it, there is no customer reviews and any reliable information found on the website. And in our research, we have seen negative responses from the feedback pages or general evaluations published over the network.  

In summing up, we hope that you have received a satisfactory response to the question, Is Blackprosale Legit?

What is Blackprosale?

Blackprosale is the online store that holds a variety of power tools, batteries, and accessories. Customers will find all their tools requirements from the store as it has everything like batteries, chargers, accessories, combo kits, hedge trimmers, string trimmers, saws, drillers, etc.

In addition to this, the store is selling all the products at reasonable prices so that you can maintain your garden and lawn on your own. Due to the Coronavirus, we are all required to stay at home and avoid contact. So, for this reason, the store comes up with advanced tools that help you provide the maximum comfort and confidence to perform every task without depending on others.

Now, no need to contact an expert to maintain your premises as the Blackprosale provides the opportunity to be self-dependent with its expert tools.  

But, after reading the above statement under the head, Is Blackprosale Legit? You might get a bit confused regarding the site’s legitimacy, but no worries, as we have clarified all your confusion in conclusion in detail.  

 What are the specifications of Blackprosale?

  • Ecommerce site link –
  • Registered location – The United States 
  • Domain Creation Date- 13th November 2020
  • Official Address- 199 SE 193rd Ave ,Portland,Oregon,97233,US
  • Contact number – Not specified 
  • Customer care email address –
  • Discount / Sale- No, the store don’t have any offers 
  • Tracking number/ link- Available on the website 
  • Expected delivery time – 10-22 working days 
  • Approximate delivery charges – Free shipping on orders over $50
  • Shipment cancellation time – within 10-24 hours 
  • Refund duration – The time is not specified 
  • Return of order time – You can return the order within 30 days after receiving the order
  • payment methods – PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Diners Club 
  • Newsletter- Available 
  • Warranty- Available

Let us move ahead in this post to know more about Is Blackprosale Legit or not? 

What are the benefits of shopping from Blackprosale?

  • It is a complete gardening and lawn tool solution store. 
  • It contains a wide variety of original tools.
  • It is selling all the products at low prices. 
  • The store is ready to accept a return.

What are the drawbacks of shopping from Blackprosale?

  • We have not found any customer reviews on the website and have received a negative response from the feedback pages.
  • The site is only twelve days old.
  • It is not available on any of the social media platforms. 
  • The site receives low traffic volume. 
  • The address mentioned on the site might be clichéd. 

What are the customer’s feedback regarding Blackprosale?

The store does not contain any ratings and reviews on it. Whereas, we have found popular feedback pages on the internet where it is mentioned that the site has gained less traffic and the customers have claimed Blackprosale Scam

Bottom Line 

Though it is too recent to wrap-up its legitimacy, as it is merely twelve days old, but our conclusion says – If you are thinking of buying from this store, then you should imminently drop the idea as the Blackprosale store is not safe due to a long list of drawbacks which we have stated above. 

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