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Is Bolepishop Legit {June 2021} Quick Website Review!

Is Bolepishop Legit {June 2021} Quick Website Review! >> Here in this article, we will read about a multipurpose e-commerce store, read this article to have full information.

These days much new clothing and other accessories are being launched. Websites like Bolepishop.com are getting launched, and so we must check whether Is Bolepishop Legit or not because it is getting very difficult for the users to determine the legitimacy of these kinds of websites.

This particular website is trending in various countries like The United States. and the website sells a variety of products, including many clothing apparels for both men and women, so here in this particular article we are going to discuss in brief about the Bolepishop.com, read this article to have full knowledge about this website.

Is Bolepishop Legit?

Let us go through some facts to understand the legitimacy of the website.

  1. It is an online store that provides a wide range of products for men and women, and pets.
  2. The website is very young and has a domain age of just 23 days. It was launched on 29th May 2021.
  3. The trust ranking of the website lies in a range of medium to low, about 42.7/100.
  4. There is no popularity of the website.
  5. The website does not have the ratings of Alexa on its website.
  6. The website has a very poor design.

After going through all these facts, we believe that the site is untrustworthy and stands in the suspicious category.

What Is Bolepishop.in?

It is very important that under the Bolepishop Reviews, we discuss in detail the Bolepishop.com website. It is an online e-commerce store, from where we can buy products from a wide range of categories.

The website has got many products which gives the customers a wide range of choice. It provides products for adults, children and as well as accessories for pets. The website also provides a discount from time to time to its customers.

Specifications of Bolepishop.in:

Let us go through the specification of Bolepishop.com, which will help us get a better perspective about whether Is Bolepishop Legit or not.

  • The URL link of the website is – https://bolepishop.com/The official email address of the website is- support@bolepishop.com.
  • The type of website is- general merchandise company.
  • Trust score of the website- 42,7/100
  • the domain was created just twenty-three days back
  • The physical address of the store is- 10477 MAD River RD, OH, 45159
  • The website has a legit https connection.
  • The website was designed by theme freesia.

These were the specification that we have got while checking whether it Is Bolepishop Legit or not.

Pros Of Bolepishop.in:

Pros of the Bolepishop.com are listed here.

  • The website provides a wide range of products to its customers.
  • The website has a valid https connection
  • All information about the product and the seller is available on the website.
  • The website accepts payments in modes like American Express, Master Card, Visa, Pay Pal, Discover etc.

Cons Of Bolepishop.in:

Go through the cons of the bolepishop.com listed below.

  • The website does not have the ratings on Alexa.
  • The website has a very low trust score.
  • There are no customer reviews available on the internet about this website and its products.
  • The website is just 23 days old.
  • The website has very little popularity.
  • The website has no social media engagement.

What Are Bolepishop Reviews:

After completing research on bolepishop.com, we found out that there were no customer reviews of the website present on the internet, and under this review, we got to know that the website is not trustworthy.

While reviewing this particular website, we also got to know in brief about this website, that it sells various products for men and women and we also get to know the details like the domain age of the website.

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And here, under this website review, while presenting an unbiased review to our readers, we can say that this website is not safe as of now to make any purchase. Read here if you want to know more about the types of e-commerce websites– 


Here we have read in brief about Bolepishop.com, and we have discussed whether Is Bolepishop Legit. And so, we have discussed every possible information available about this website to our readers so that they make a wise choice before making any purchase from this website. and at last, we would suggest our readers avoid buying products from this website as of now.

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Have you ever purchased any product from this website? If yes, then do let us know in the comment section below.

2 thoughts on “Is Bolepishop Legit {June 2021} Quick Website Review!

  1. Ordered a Nest Thermostat 3rd Gen from them on June 17, 2021 at 10:58pm, for $125.00. Received the tracking information today, June 22, 2021 stating that the package was delivered on June 20, 2021 at 2:45pm. We never saw the package, I called Fedex and they told me the name and address associated with the package did not match my name and address. Also the tracking shows that the shipment information was submitted to FedEx at 12:11pm on June 17, 10 hours before I had even placed my order. I’ve opened a dispute with PayPal but I don’t have much hope of getting my money back.

    1. Hello Cher! We praise that you have shared your feedback with us, which would be a great alarm for our readers. You know many sites are populating every day and scamming innocent buyers. We hope that you could get your money back as PayPal can stop the payment released to the seller. Thank you.

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