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Is Campaign Zero Legit [June] Know about police brutality

Is Campaign Zero Legit [June] Know about police brutality -> This article talks about the Campaign Zero website and what it focuses on.

You might have shed a tear or two seeing the brutal videos if you followed the latest news. They reveal a side of the police force that has remained under wraps for too long. Should there be a need for such brutal force? 

The Campaign Zero wishes to have people living harmoniously. To live in a world where the police don’t kill people. Its established when the policymakers enact legislation to address the matter! Wouldn’t you want to join in on this expedition and help achieve justice? 

People have been pondering Is Campaign Zero Legit‘ as the official site asks for donations. Let us tell you that donating is optional on the website, but signing up to get involved is a must. 

Also, if you didn’t know, there are about 1000 people killed by the police every year in the United States. The campaign was set up with the sole agenda to end police violence. 

Who runs the website? 

The website was set up by the activists associated with the #BlackLivesMatter campaign. Its planning team consisted of Samuel Sinyangwe, Brittany Packnett, DeRay, and Johnetta and was set up in August of 2015. It is a data-driven platform and provides research reports that examined the officer’s body cameras in 30 cities. 

Navigating through the website will tell you that there are ten proposals they wish to address. These aim at reducing police violence as more than 60% of the victims had no gun and were not involved in activities that would instigate brutal force. 

To ensure policies that protect the citizen’s deliberate action by policymakers is required, they say. The website ranked as the top 20 tech insiders that defined the 2016 Presidential elections. 

Noteworthy points about the Campaign Zero

  • The main aim of the campaign is to end police violence in the United States.
  • The campaigns official page is a data-driven platform with comprehensive solutions
  • The funds generated go into analyzing police practices across the country 
  • Ensuring deliberate action is taken by policymakers at every level of government 
  • States researched facts and reports about police brutality 
  • Its analysis tracks the body camera feeds of police officers across 30 cities 
  • Their research also states that right policy changes can ensure no deaths occur 
  • Critical changes in policies could ensure the safety of citizens against police brutality 

Why does the Campaign Zero website matter? 

The deaths of 2 African Americans by police officer’s brutality have forced people to leave their abodes and raise their voices against it. The United States has been in the news for the mass violence and destruction of property amidst a pandemic.

It has also brought to light how each year sees about 1000 people killed at the hands of Police officers. Campaign Zero websites will tell you that about 60% of police brutality victims did nothing to instigate the attack. 

As per- https://www.whatdesigncando.com/stories/campaign-zero-a-platform-for-ending-police-violence/ writes how the campaign Zero website helps people understand the flawed system through its graspable reviews. 

Policy categories and solutions by Campaign Zero

  • End broken windows policing- decriminalizing crimes that cause no threat to public safety 
  • Community oversight- establishing civilian slip-ups and pull out barriers to report police misdemeanours 
  • Limit the use of force- initiating standards and reporting the use of deadly force by the police. 
  • Independent investigations and prosecutions- lowering standards of proof in civil rights cases 
  • Community representation- recruiting police officers representing the demographics of their communities. 
  • Film the Police- the right to record the police body cameras 
  • Training- rigorous training as well as implicit bias testing 
  • Fair Police Contracts- removing barriers to avoid misconduct and ensuring officer disciplinary history is public. 

Views of people about the ongoing situation 

As per- https://www.forbes.com/profile/campaign-zero/#459d125134c5, the website has a significant role in making people aware of how the police have been misusing thier power. It is essential to notice the obscene ways the police have used to single out one community.

The creator’s discussion with Hillary Clinton is telling them that they must mention what they want with the answers. It is a sure shot way to ensure action. The website became a platform to unite and force the government into acting!


Reading this article would have provided you with the answer to your question, Is Campaign Zero Legit? Police brutality is a significant issue that causes death each year and must put to an end. You aren’t forced to donate, but to bring justice, you must join the movement. 

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