Is Chase Alert Text Scam (Sep 2020) Honest Reviews.

Is Chase Alert Text Scam

Is Chase Alert Text Scam (Sep 2020) Honest Reviews. >> In this news article, beware of the scam message, stealing personal information from the people.

With the increase of online scammers, it has been hard to trust any text messages or calls.

The online scammers are taking every chance to scam the customers by sending false messages and threatening the innocent people about the bank account’s closure.

So, you must be wondering that Is Chase Alert Text Scam or not.

The text messages named Chase Alert Text Scam is increasing day by day, especially in the United States.

The message from the Chase alert is received to the innocent customers stating that the account is closed.

So let us dwell deeper and understand why this scam message is a scam and what it looks like.

What is Chase Alert Text Scam?

It is a scam message which is received to the customers. You might be wondering that Is Chase Alert Text Scam or not? It comes from the unrecognizable number, and it states that the account has been closed and requires visiting a website. They share a link, which is a fake website, and is a trap. 

They may ask you to fill up the details, including your personal information, or ask you to take a survey. It’s a total bogus message and is a trap for the innocent customers to steal their information and misuse it.

You may also get a phone number in the text message, and they may ask to call on the number on the urgent basis. Calling on this number is a complete mistake. 

It is nothing more like a trap. Please do not click on the link or revert on the phone numbers to mislead you and get your personal information. They may also ask you to verify the bank details. Just don’t share any otp as you can get into big trouble.

How to avoid Chase Alert Text Scam?

The best method to avoid the Chase Alert Text Scam is to not click on any link or call back on any phone numbers. Delete any message which arrives from any unrecognizable numbers. You need to avoid such statements and move on in life.

What is the motive of such scam messages?

The messages like Chase Alert Text Scam is to mislead the innocent customers. They are a scammer, and they want to steal innocent customers’ personal information and misuse personal data. 

So the best thing is to delete such messages and do not respond. So the question Is Chase Alert Text Scam or not is answered here.

What do people say about Chase Alert Text Messages?

Many people have received the messages under the name of Chase Alert ext Scam. Most of them did not take these messages seriously. But few innocent customers got trapped in their hands and had to lose a lot of information.

 So it is advisable not to give any importance to such messages. These are bogus messages and can lead to a lot of problems.

Final Verdict

All in all, it can be said that if you are wondering that Is Chase Alert Text Scamit is undoubtedly a scam one. 

People are advised not to follow any link given by these messages. Not to even call back on the numbers provided. So be aware of such scam messages.


  1. I received a text supposedly from Chase Bank saying my account would be shut down due to suspicious activity. I didn’t even click to see what the whole message was. I do not, nor have ever, had any accounts with them. But in 2019 my gmail was hacked so I’m suspicious of everything. Changed phones (brand) email and phone number and have a monitoring service. My Facebook I have no control over, can’t get back in. Went through all the steps and they said it wasn’t me. The hacker created several accounts and several gmail accounts.

    It’s been reported but I’m just waiting for the day something happens and I will be “at fault” and have the burden of proof.

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